PMC Launches Multichannel Amp For Immersive Audio

The PMC power 750-8 is a versatile, eight-channel amplifier that perfectly complements the company’s range of passive loudspeakers.

PMC has launched a new multichannel amplifier specifically designed to meet the needs of the custom installation, home cinema and professional immersive audio markets requiring multiple speakers.

Designed to power any passive PMC speaker, this 2U rack-mounted amplifier is particularly well suited for use with PMC’s Ci series of slimline monitors, which are now widely used for surround and ceiling channels in Dolby Atmos home cinema installations and professional studios, says the maker.

Available from mid November 2023, the PMC power 750-8 is an eight-channel amplifier that combines a transparent and neutral sound with impressive power output of 750W per channel. When bridged and configured as a four-channel amplifier, the power 750-8 can deliver 1,500W per channel.

In addition, the power 750-8 also offers fully featured DSP control for each of the eight channels. Inputs are selectable/switchable as either balanced analogue or Dante. Adjusting EQ for each channel is also incredibly easy thanks to System Engineer software that can be installed on any PC to control and set up any number of amps. PMC says this powerful yet intuitive software gives a full toolbox to allow users to configure each speaker to deliver its best performance according to room acoustics and position within the room.


The burgeoning market for high-end Dolby Atmos home cinema installations and music mixing has been a key factor in PMC’s decision to launch the power 750-8. The maker claims its CI series speakers are now widely regarded as the standard reference for Dolby Atmos for music thanks to their almost limitless headroom, power capabilities, pin-point accuracy and sonic fidelity, which ensures that they go well beyond Dolby’s minimum requirements. In addition, PMC’s close relationship with Dolby has seen the company champion immersive audio for nearly 10 years with the result that PMC systems are now present in many acclaimed music facilities including Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, Dean St. Studios in London and the Abbey Road Institute in Miami.

The introduction of the new power 750-8 amplifier means that the company can now deliver the final piece of the jigsaw to anyone wanting to install an immersive audio system.

Oliver Thomas, PMC’s Commercial Director, says, “Many of our home theatre and professional customers expressed a desire for a multichannel power amplifier made to PMC audio quality standards to match our passive speaker products. This multichannel amplifier ticks all the boxes – it sounds incredible, it is very flexible, and it has a control software that is a dream to use. We are delighted to be introducing this to our immersive audio customers, whether they are installing a home cinema room or building a professional Dolby Atmos music facility.”

Mains voltage is auto switching for all countries and online manuals can be downloaded from the PMC website. The power 750-8 has a UK retail price of £6,900 inc. VAT.

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