Kinly, a global provider of AV integration, collaboration services and managed services, has launched its global “cutting-edge” XR studio offering, aiming to set a new standard in immersive collaboration.

The XR studio —unveiled at the pre-launch event at the Science Museum in London last month— is a comprehensive turnkey solution, designed to immerse users in a “limitless virtual world” for more dynamic and engaging experiences, bringing broadcast quality production events to the corporate and higher education market.

By replacing a green screen environment with LED video displays, the technology allows presenters to be fully immersed in digital content and virtual worlds. Users are able to see presentation content, colleagues and clients surrounding them, allowing conversations to become more natural and making subject matter content more engaging.

The Kinly XR Studio environment is a limitless 360° virtual world, where hosts have complete freedom of movement and become fully immersed in their surroundings. A unique virtual set extension expands content beyond the physical LED environment, allowing the camera(s) to freely explore the virtual world, capturing a range of perspectives, or revealing additional content.

Augmented reality layers, such as 3D props, graphs or data can be incorporated alongside the presenter “on stage”, to emphasise and bring specific content to life. The presenter’s position is tracked on the XR Studio, allowing the AR graphics to appear in front or behind them as they walk around the AR graphic.

Another standout feature of the XR studio is the full body human ‘teleportation’, a technology that allows remote guests to join and present as if they were physically in the XR Studio. This is achieved through keying a live stream of the remote guest into the studio — to allow the virtual remote guest to appear teleported alongside a real presenter in the room.

The Kinly XR Studio allows users to embrace the future of XR content creation in one simple solution.  No technical experience or large studio team is required to produce broadcast quality output with AR graphics and extended VR sets — the XR Studio operation and content creation is managed through an intuitive user interface, operable via an iPad.

When used in a corporate environment, Kinly’s XR studio not only allows speakers to address their audience during meetings or industry events, regardless of geographical location —perfect for reducing business travel to meet sustainability goals — it also increases productivity, collaboration and idea sharing.

In the education space, the Kinly XR Studio’s interactive approach allows for enhanced remote learning. Students can explore more complex subjects such as mechanics, medicine, and engineering through 3D visualisations and real-time interaction — providing a better understanding of theoretical concepts and practical applications. This creates a superior experience compared to simple presentation calls.

Commenting on the launch, Simon Watson, Kinly’s global head of innovation says: “I am excited to launch our new XR studio offering. Not only is it a testament to Kinly’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, this cutting-edge technology also represents a significant step forward in immersive collaboration — providing our clients with unparalleled tools to transform the way they communicate and engage.

“Combining Kinly’s mature AV managed service offering with the innovative capabilities of Studio XR is what truly sets this solution apart. By integrating advanced VR, LED, and tracking technologies, we are not only enhancing the user experience but also paving the way for more sustainable and efficient business practices.”

Simon continues: “Kinly has an invested focus on immersive collaboration technology and will continue to add to its portfolio. Our XR solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of various sectors, from education to corporate environments, and we are excited to see the profound impact they will have.”

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