Ergotron has announced the release of a complete range of ergonomic supports for video-game enthusiasts to improve their comfort, concentration and immersion when gaming. As the choice and design of screens continues to grow, gamers now must look into optimising the ergonomics of their workstations if they want to stay focused for longer and improve their performance while avoiding injury and pain.

There are an estimated staggering 2.7 billion gamers across the globe. Although boys aged under 18 make up 17% of all gamers, the average age for gamers is 34 years old. Alongside this higher average age is a heightened risk of the development of diseases commonly found among sedentary computer users. As a result, it is important to integrate ergonomic equipment to help combat physiological risks, like musculoskeletal disorders and obesity, linked to physical inactivity and poor playing posture, while also improving player comfort and efficiency.

“With the English market estimated at £3.86 billion in 2019, the gaming market has experienced sustained and continuous growth for many years. This is particularly due to technological developments and the continued activity of manufacturers and publishers to meet ever-growing demand,” says Richard Guy, Country Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Ergotron. “As a key player in workstation ergonomics, we feel a responsibility to promote awareness among the approximately 32.4 million British gamers of the potential incurred physiological risks, and offer them solutions to look after their health.”

Neo-Flex stand

The Neo-Flex stand is the perfect accessory for all gamers with a laptop. Its 15.6cm height adjustment allows the user to position the screen at the right height to keep the head upright and prevent neck pain during long gaming sessions. Furthermore, the Neo-Flex support is the most ergonomic solution on the market, offering a 25° inclination, as well as a 360° left-right orientation thanks to casters located under the base.

HX range

The HX arm range can support one to three screens for a unique experience. Recognised by the industry as the flagship of ergonomic supports, the HX single-screen arm can support the majority of new generation curved screens up in many cases up to 49ins wide (or 19.1kg), which are particularly popular in the gaming industry.

The single-screen HX solution offers a large number of settings to ensure maximum ergonomic support for the most demanding gamers. Equipped with a height adjustment of 29.2cm, an inclination of 75°, a left-right pan of 180° or the portrait/landscape function, the HX range is distinguished by its irreproachable manufacture quality and a 10-year warranty.

Equipped with the optional tri-screen bar, the HX arm can attach up to three 24-inch screens for an unforgettable gaming experience. Two joints allow you to perfectly adjust the viewing angle of each of the three screens for total immersion. Whether the user is passionate about adventure, simulation or first-person shooter games, the HX range will provide unmatched comfort for maximum enjoyment and performance.

A flexible experience

Ergotron also offers wall mounts for large screens that are uniquely robust and technical. Some offer a screen-height adjustment of more than 50cm effortlessly and without the need for extra tools.

The most seasoned gamers will appreciate keeping the screen at the correct height at all times, whether they are playing seated or standing.

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