Pro-Ject Wants To Play ‘Em All

Pro-Ject Audio Systems Limited Edition Turntable. Austrian maker teams with US metal gods to create an out of this world deck.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems has announced a Metallica Limited Edition Turntable. Designed at the behest of the earth’s mightiest metal band, the deck aptly delivers stunning sound and spectacular visuals, says the maker. The Austrian company equips the US band’s machine with bona fide audiophile tech. From the diamond-tipped stylus needle to the (heavy) metal feet, this is a no-compromise collaboration.

As is the case with a bolt of lightning, the light is the first thing you notice with this turntable. Pro-Ject treats the deck’s surface with a mirror-finished metal contour, resulting in eye-catching reflections and a shape-shifting lustre. Notice, too, the glass platter. The high mass of glass boosts the deck’s overall solidity leading to tight and accurate playback speeds. The glass finish also keeps the Pro-Ject Metallic spinner’s graphics in full view when it’s not hugging vinyl.

Place a record on the Metallica’s platter, and the system benefits from one of Pro-Ject’s most sought after upgrade parts; the aluminium sub-platter. The diamond-cut sub-platter and pulley come standard on this deck, bringing increased mass and consequently additional damping of noise and unwanted resonances. The Austrian maker employs more aluminium for the S-shape tonearm’s base and bearing – you won’t find any plastic in the Pro-Ject Metallica’s critical parts – resulting in highly accurate tracking of the groove, which in the case of an LP, extends for about 500 meters each side.

Pro-Ject Audio Metallica features include

            8.6in (22cm) S-shape aluminium tonearm

            Gold plated RCA connectors

            Handmade in Europe

            Heavy glass platter & aluminium sub-platter

            Heavy MDF plinth in unique Metallica design

            Height-adjustable metal feet

            Metal drive pulley

            Mirror finished, metal top plate

            Pre-adjusted Pick it S2 C cartridge & SME headshell

            Precision belt drive with electronic speed control

            Premium semi-symmetrical phono cable with metal connectors

            Tracking force & anti-skating fully adjustable

Pro-Ject Audio Systems Metallica Limited Edition Turntable

£1149.00 (SRP). Available in the UK during August 2022. 

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