PPDS has announced its exclusive Philips digital signage displays, together with its Wave Controller cloud platform, selected by Silmäasema – to transform the customer experience in 40 of its high street stores.

Founded in 1975, Silmäasema is one of the eye care industry’s biggest success stories, boasting 150 stores and ophthalmology centres and over 1,000 staff (including 300 ophthalmologists and 300 opticians), delivering a growing range of specialist vision and eye health products and services under one roof. 

As part of an investment and upgrade across 40 key store locations, Silmäasema teamed up with FirstView Digital Signage – an international AV integration specialist with more than 13,000 display installations – and PPDS to reinvent the way it communicates with customers (both in and outside of stores), whilst delivering sustainable and cost-efficient business practices. 

Philips D-Line Android SoC displays were selected and installed in all point-of-sale environments in each store, replacing all existing paper-based communication materials and introducing extensive new branding and marketing possibilities. 

Versatile and flexible enough to meet the exact needs of each location and environment, PPDS’ exclusive Philips D-Line displays are designed to deliver the ultimate impact in retail environments, with a high bright 500 cd/m2 screen, providing an optimum viewing experience in any lighting condition, including direct sunlight. 

A range of 10in Philips T-Line Multi-Touch Smart Displays, away from the shop floor, were placed outside Silmäasema’s consultation rooms.

Powered by Android and with a built-in camera and speakers, the Philips T-Line 10in series is more than its display, alongside opportunities for audience measurement and footfall analytics. It provides each store (and head office) with greater insights into how and when rooms are being used.

Wave-ing in a new era of control

Accessible on and off-site via an intuitive and tailored interface, Wave Controller brings simplicity to installation and set-up, letting the Silmäasema team view, manage, monitor, schedule content, and remotely control all displays, with all firmware updates and new functionalities (including security) easily actioned on a per-store or collective basis. 

Due to PPDS’ unique ‘Open2’ approach, FirstView’s in-house content management software (CMS) has been installed directly onto each display alongside Wave, with no external media players required.

With new capabilities added almost daily by PPDS’ global software team, Silmäasema can tailor each display to the environment, down to the smallest detail. Examples include displays automatically powering down during specific times or altering the screen brightness based on the time of day.

In addition to replacing paper with digital signage, Wave Controller introduces a series of additional sustainability benefits, including energy reduction, extending product lifetimes and less travel for support and maintenance, delivering economies and environmental benefits.

Silmäasema has confirmed that the professional displays with the Wave Controller will continue its roll-out across more locations.

Anne Rantanen, Marketing Director Silmäasema, says, “With FirstView innovating our in-store digital signage with Philips professional displays we can concentrate on our core business – giving the optimal eyecare experience to our customers. Signage is visible and up to date without issues and staff are not distracted searching for remote controls and having to intervene on technical issues.”

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