Plex Announces TIDAL Integration

Content delivery platform Plex has announced the addition of high-quality music service Tidal, to its offering and has also worked out some innovative ways to combine it with a user’s own existing library.

Delivering users access to Tidal’s 60 million high-quality music tracks,  244,000+ videos, and unique editorial content. This partnership adds access to TIDAL into the Plex app, with an exclusive subscription deal that amplifies both services. Plex and TIDAL deliver two subscriptions to high-quality media services, for one price.

Plex users can enjoy TIDAL’s s music catalogue, original and exclusive content, concert live streams, and curated playlists on its own, or to augment a personal music collection, seamlessly within the Plex apps. With Plex, TIDAL users will now be able to merge many of their disparate media apps,bringing their favourite music alongside podcasts, web shows, live TV, recorded movies and shows, and their own personal media collections.
The company is also offering a free 30 day trial to intro the new service.  

“An incredible music and media experience is something that matters to both TIDAL and Plex users, and the addition of TIDAL’s music streaming service within Plex makes it the only solution that organizes and curates all major media types in one place,” says Keith Valory, CEO of Plex. “It’s another step closer to making all the media that matters to you accessible from one app, on any device, anytime.”

Lior Tibon, COO of TIDAL, adds, “Plex’s focus on high-quality content aligns perfectly with the unique music and content experience that TIDAL fans love. Partnering with Plex is part of our continued strategy of integrating TIDAL seamlessly into subscribers lives with a one-stop shop like Plex.”

At launch, TIDAL’s entire music catalogue will be available on Plex. Other features include

  • Artist Recommendations: On the artist page, Plex will recommend other artists you might like that aren’t in your library.
  • Filling in Missing Albums: Plex will show you any missing albums from artists in your library.
  • Augmented Artist Radio: Enhances the Plex artist radio feature, which generates a mix from a specific artist, to include tracks from TIDAL.
  • New Releases: New album release recommendations for artists in your library.
  • Universal Playlists: Mix and match from your own library, shared libraries, and TIDAL.
  • Universal Search: Hear about a new band? Our apps now return TIDAL results alongside matches from your library, for maximum convenience.
  • Discovery Radio: Helps you discover new gems, from artists that are not in your library, based on the bands that are.
  • Music Videos: Users will be able to enjoy TIDAL’s incredible 244,000+ music video collection across all of the Plex mobile and TV apps

The launch of music streaming with TIDAL follows the recent launches of Plex News, Plex Web Shows and Plex Podcasts, enabling Plex to deliver a variety of third-party content from some of the newest and most popular forms of digital entertainment. In addition, Plex says it is also heavily focused on providing quality content recommendations across media types, helping customers to discover related podcasts, web shows and documentaries based on music or TV shows they enjoy.

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