New Land Solutions, one of the UK’s leading smart technology installation companies, has announced the launch of a new remote smart home management and maintenance service.

Having installed some of the country’s most impressive smart home and office systems, from Medieval Manors to Shoreditch Showrooms, the company is now making its expertise available to all smart home users.

The concept and capabilities behind the new Digital Butler service developed out of the aftercare service New Land provides for some of its high profile clients.

Luke Newland, Director of New Land Solutions, comments, “Remote monitoring and engineer support is crucial when you’re running integrated systems throughout estates which span several square miles, or entire office blocks.”

But, he notes, the potential application of such management is becoming much more widespread: “Smart home tech is such a rapidly evolving space, and it’s becoming so advanced but also much more widely available than when I came to the sector 15 years ago, which is really exciting. But in that time, I’ve realised not all users understand the potential these technologies have to improve our daily lives.”

The membership-based Digital Butler service aims to fill that gap: combining remote system management and preventative maintenance to ensure a fully optimised, stress-free smart home experience, with personalised packages available to suit all systems.

Engineer call-outs will be available across the South of England, but because so much of the service is carried out remotely, Digital Butler will be able to manage smart-homes anywhere in the world.

This could be something of particular value to second home owners, as one New Land client discovered when approaching their holiday home by helicopter in foggy conditions; the remote management team were able to activate a security camera by the estate’s helicopter pad and stream the footage to the client’s smartphone, allowing the pilot to land safely.

Luke hopes not all their interventions will be so dramatic, however. He adds, “We want people to be able to enjoy their smart homes, safe in the knowledge our team are dealing with the technicalities in the background. Ideally, the first members will hear of faults will be in their weekly report, after they’ve been resolved.”

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