Smart security cameras are a dime a dozen these days, but Netatmo is keen to stress the benefits of owning one. That’s because its Welcome smart security camera recently helped save a family home from burning down to the ground thanks to some clever technology hidden inside the camera’s body.

Like most smart security cameras, Netatmo rely on artificial intelligence technology to monitor its Welcome camera. It seems the technology works well too, with the camera having instantly detected the unusual presence of a fire and notifying the homeowner.

“Whilst my family and I were attending a basketball game a few kilometres away from home, I received a notification on my smartphone reporting that our fire alarm had been triggered”, explains Christophe, a Welcome user.

“I immediately checked the video filmed by Welcome and saw that a fire had started in our living room. The firemen were instantly alerted and were able to prevent the fire from spreading. It’s thanks to Welcome’s accurate alert that our house and our two dogs were saved from the flames.”

Netatmo believes that it wouldn’t be possible to achieve this level of security with other smart security cameras, with the Welcome being capable of detecting acoustic alarms and instantly notifying the user. That means whenever a smoke alarm, CO2 alarm, security alarm or siren is set off, Welcome jumps into action sending a live feed of what is going on to the homeowner’s smartphone.

The same results could perceivably be achieved with a Nest Cam working with a Nest Protect, however that requires two smart devices rather than just the one. Although users would still need to have a smoke detector present in the house for the Welcome to react.

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