Smart Home company Netatmo has expanded its security product range with its latest addition, the Smart Door Lock and Keys. These aim to provide safer and more flexible access to the home. 

The Smart Door Lock meets stringent requirements, ensuring the utmost levels of mechanical and electronic security, in accordance with the EN 15684 standard. It has also received the certification SKG***, recommended by the Dutch police to prevent burglaries.  

It is built to protect users from physical break-ins, including picking, drilling, pulling, cutting and forced entry. The cylinder, designed by Netatmo, is made from high-strength stainless steel, reinforced with an anti-drilling plate and three security pins for the highest level of protection. 

The Smart Door Lock is also designed to withstand hacking attempts, so it’s not connected to the Internet. It can be unlocked on a smartphone via an encrypted, secure Bluetooth communication protocol, or by using the NFC Smart Keys. 

Only the unique Secure Element built into each Door Lock can enable actions such as unlocking, locking and adding a new key. 

Two leading companies in IT security have already vouched for the Smart Lock. The French company Synacktiv, a pioneer in offensive security, joined the Netatmo teams in the early stages of developing the Smart Lock, to test its technical architecture, scrutinise every line of code and look for potential vulnerabilities. 

Both the Lock and the Smart Keys use state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques and algorithms to protect the product from piracy. They provide a level of security similar to that of bank cards or biometric passports. 

In Germany, AV-Test, the independent German research institute for IT security, has certified the product: “The Netatmo Smart Lock and its Keys proved to be exemplary in our tests and in all relevant test areas – its solid design combined with the very good implementation of data protection leaves no room for cynicism. We were therefore delighted to award the Approved IoT Product certificate.” 

The Smart Door Lock is compatible with doors equipped with a euro cylinder, with a thickness of up to 10 cm. Installation takes just a few minutes, requiring the replacement of a single screw. A compatibility checking tool is also available on Netatmo’s website.  

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is locked and unlocked by inserting the Smart Key like any other regular key. This means that family members don’t need to change their habits, and access is guaranteed for those who don’t have a smartphone, such as children or the elderly.

With certified NFC technology and cryptographic protection methods, the Keys are designed to be tamper-proof, impossible to copy, and can be instantly deactivated in the Home + Security app if they ever get lost or stolen. 

Users can also add as many Keys as they want to their Door Lock in the Home + Security app. Three keys are provided with the product, and extra Keys can be ordered from Netatmo’s online shop.  

If a Key is lost or stolen, the user can deactivate it instantly in the app, avoiding the need for a locksmith to change the locks (which can be expensive). 

One Key can be used for several Door Locks. So, if a home has several entrances, the user will be able to lighten their keychain by using a single Smart Key to lock and unlock multiple doors.

Users can also use their smartphone to lock and unlock the Netatmo Smart Door Lock through the Home + Security app.  

During the summer holidays, users don’t need to hide their keys or give them to a neighbour so they can feed the cat or water the plants. Instead, they can send an invitation from the Home + Control app and give temporary access that can be revoked at any time. 

Guests can then access the home using their own smartphone by downloading an app for access. It’s called Home + Guest, and no account or password is required. 

The Smart Door Lock has a battery life of over one year. The user will receive a smartphone notification when the batteries need to be changed. If the Door Lock’s battery runs out completely, there is also a backup micro-USB port. With this, the user can temporarily reactivate the Door Lock for just long enough to change the batteries for another year of peace of mind. 

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is compatible with Apple Home, which allows users to set up smart interactions with other compatible products. For example, they can arrange for the hallway light to turn on automatically when the Netatmo Smart Door Lock is unlocked.  

While the product will be launched in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg first, it will soon be available in the rest of Europe.  

Pricing is as follows:

  • Smart Doorlock: 379,99€ 
  • 3 Smart Keys pack: 99,99€ 
  • 1 Smart Key: 39,99€ 
  • Extension Kit 45mm: 29,99€ 
  • Extension Kit 40mm: 29,99€ 
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