Morel’s Virtus Nano Integra 602 and SoundWall Power Slim PMC600 receive a joint award EISA in the car audio and home theatre categories for innovative engineering and performance.

Morel, manufacturer of high-performance car and home audio speaker systems since 1975, has announced that its Virtus Nano Integra car audio and SoundWall PMC600 in-ceiling speaker won the prestigious EISA 2018-2019 award for both car audio and home theatre categories.

“Being recognised by such an esteemed organisation like EISA is very gratifying. It is another reaffirmation that our commitment to innovation and design is appreciated and valued,” says Morel’s CEO and head of the R&D, Mr. Oren Mordechai.

“Nowadays space is scarce in both cars and home environments. Integrating a high-quality speaker system can be very challenging at times and even sometimes impossible. Well aware of this we decided to take up the challenge and developed a high-fidelity point-source speaker solution that makes audio installation in limited spaces an easy task.” He concludes.

According to Paul Miller, EISA President, “This Award reflects the pooled experience of EISA’s expert magazines and is a fitting tribute to the innovative engineering and great performance of this versatile product.”

Morel says it used a new approach designing the drivers for these products, using new materials and out-of-the- box thinking to engineer a solution that fits limited space yet is true to its uncompromising approach to high-fidelity audio.

At the core of the Virtus Nano Intgera and SoundWall PMC600 is a powerful and efficient neodymium magnet motor system employing a new Z.P.I. (Zero Point Integra)(patent pending). Its innovative Integra design includes a woofer and a tweeter driven by a first and a second magnetic circuit, respectively, where both magnetic circuits share a single magnetic motor system. Despite its shallow structure (only 0.67in deep), the Integra design is said to offer natural sound reproduction and better tonal balance throughout the audible frequency range, adhering to the Morel sound.

To support the objective of designing a shallow speaker, Morel developed the ‘Grand-dome’ convex cone made from a highly damped sandwich hybrid carbon fibre and foam core. Its unique physical attributes and structure delivers superior strength, stiffness, and mass necessary to reproduce low frequencies while minimising the cone break-up modes through the frequency band. It also contributes to the wide-dispersion and excellent off-axis response qualities.

Morel design trait – EVC (External Voice Coil) technology – was also specially engineered for these speaker systems where both voice coils (tweeter and woofer) share the same magnet, enabling the Virtus Nano Integra and SoundWall Power Slim PMC600 to be very shallow.

Morel products are distributed in the UK by LEARS International

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