Monitor Audio Group Unveils Cinergy THX Certified Cinema Audio System

Monitor Audio Group, the British-owned and managed global specialist in designing and manufacturing award-winning Hi-Fi audio products has announced its launch of Cinergy, a new premium THX certified home cinema system.

Putting installers centre stage, Monitor Audio says it has channelled 50 years of creating lifelike sound to bring everything it knows about audio to the big screen in developing Cinergy. Monitor Audio has looked to combine quality of design with strong performance, but it has also built the system focused on the installer’s needs.

Cinergy’s flexible and convenient design gives installers and designers infinite possibilities, enabling them to deliver the high-performance sound, refinement and the luxury customers expect.

The adaptable system has been designed with the knowledge that no two installations are the same. Built to provide installers with ease of use, features include a modular design that rotates when required, allowing the user to easily adapt to a horizontal or vertical install. It also includes a choice of isolation and fixing methods to help achieve the exact results required. Flexible options allow for integration into stud walls, fitting onto walls or securing to the floor.

Installers can also rotate the mid-tweeter array on the Cinergy 100, 200 and 300, depending on whether they are vertically or horizontally installing the product.

Cinergy also offers a swappable mid-tweeter pod to allow for the best of tailor-made systems. Intelligent design innovation also means that the mid-tweeter pod can be interchanged with the bass drivers on the Cinergy 300. Along with integrated handles to make life easier, Cinergy features handy feet and bracket isolators to reduce vibrations.

Cinergy also features the very latest in Monitor Audio technology, designed to make every moment of cinema sound pin-sharp, clear, and unforgettable. From MPD high-frequency transducer to RDT II drivers, every element is designed to make the movies truly come to life.

Importantly, installers can have confidence in Cinergy thanks to the THX Certified Ultra mark – a gold standard for audio and visual fidelity. Globally recognised, achieving THX Certification assures installers and their customers that Cinergy will deliver an ultimate cinema audio experience, says the maker. This does not simply mean a set of measurements done on a computer or in a lab as THX Certification is done using the dynamics of real-world listening.

The line-up includes Cinergy 100, 200, 300 and Sub15 – all of which incorporate a range of innovative features to achieve effortless performance.

Monitor Audio will be sponsoring the Influencer Lounge in Hall 2, Stand 2Q250 at ISE from 10-13 May in Barcelona, where it will be showing a static display of Cinergy 300

THX Certified Cinergy 100

Whether it is mounted on the wall or integrated within it, the Monitor Audio Cinergy 100 brings high-quality audio to any residential cinema space. It comes assembled with the recommended port bungs, which are easily removable if you want to tailor the bass response along with EQ profiles for use with Monitor Audio IA amplifiers. So, you will have infinite opportunities to improvise.

THX Certified Cinergy 200

Like the rest of the Cinergy range, the 200 incorporates some smart features to achieve its performance. The 200 features the same slim profile and integrated wall brackets as Cinergy 100. Handy brackets make it easy to install once you have found the perfect placement. Inside, two mid-range drivers double the power handling, improve efficiency, and reduce reflections from ceilings and floors. Together, they ensure everything from the most epic cinematic score to the quietest whisper of dialogue is reproduced beautifully and faithfully.

THX Certified Cinergy 300

The biggest speaker in the range, providing some of the biggest sound. The Monitor Audio Cinergy 300 uses the latest mid-range driver technology for the purest possible sound, so those magical movie moments will never be missed. And with a design tailored to the needs of installers, you will find it easier than ever to fit – whether you are mounting it in cabinet within a wall or using it as a floor stander on the ultra-stable, isolating plinth provided.

THX Certified Cinergy Sub15

The Cinergy Sub15 can either be installed in the wall or used as a floor standing unit, to deliver the kind of sound rarely experienced beyond the big screen. It is specially designed for use with Monitor Audio’s IA800-2C amplifier, with EQ profiles available to be downloaded from the Monitor Audio website. To achieve THX Certified Ultra specification, a Cinergy system will require a pair of Cinergy Sub15’s paired with at least one IA800-2C. Cinergy Sub15 has been designed to be half the height of the Cinergy 300 making them modular and stackable for use in sound wall.

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