Michell Audio Now Distributed by PMC Distribution UK

PMC Distribution UK is pleased to announce the exclusive UK distribution of Michell Audio products. The arrangement will allow more audiophiles to experience the iconic British brand via PMC Distribution UK’s existing retailer network.

The brand’s new distributor says that since 1966 the name Michell has been associated with high quality turntables, with its most famous product, the GyroDec, appearing in the early1980’s. So ‘right’ was the design that it still features in the company’s product range, alongside the flagship Orbe, other turntables, cartridges, tonearms, power supplies, upgrades, and the famed record clamp.

The relationship between PMC Distribution UK and Michell came out of a conversation between PMC’s founder, Peter Thomas, himself a long-standing Michell owner and Steve Rowland, then in charge of the Michell business. They discussed the many similarities between the two companies: British founded and owned, British based manufacturing, cutting-edge technologies and, above all else, a joint passion for audio and music. As Peter Thomas puts it, “Why wouldn’t we do it?”

“We are delighted to welcome Michell Audio to our UK Distribution portfolio,” says Paul Bayliss, head of home audio for PMC Distribution UK. “There is so much synergy between our two brands in terms of ethos, family ownership and a passion for engineering excellence, all with music at the heart, that the relationship seems entirely natural. I know we’ll be able to bring a lot to the Michell brand in terms of market expansion and management.”

PMC Distribution UK takes over the UK distribution of Michell as from now onward and will be responsible for all UK sales enquiries, order fulfilment, customer contact and retailer relationships.

“We are at the point in the development of our business where we are ready to take the next steps in terms of market presence and expansion,” says Jonathan Nye, who took over running of Michell in 2023. “As a relatively small team dedicated to designing and manufacturing the world’s best turntables, that will remain our focus. Working with the customer-focused and hugely respected PMC Distribution UK is ideal, and we are delighted to be part of its family of carefully curated brands.”

Picture caption

Jonathan Nye, Michell Audio (left) and Paul Bayliss, PMC Distribution UK, seal the deal

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