Meridian Audio has introduced the DSP730, an in-wall digital active loudspeaker that provides both power and fidelity. Designed to deliver Hi-Res audio in small and medium-sized rooms, the new loudspeaker joins the DSP750 in the Reference range of Meridian Audio’s Architectural product series.

This reference loudspeaker delivers performance, accuracy and bass for both music and films. Designed for easy and flexible installation in cinema rooms or for distributed audio applications, the high dynamic range ensures listeners can enjoy every detail from the whisper of a child’s voice, to the loudest explosion.

The DSP730 provides a maximum output of 115dB at 1m and bass extension down to 38Hz. The drive units have been carefully selected to deliver superb off-axis performance, providing wide dispersion for a huge sweet spot and optimal coverage of listening positions. 

The DSP730 features the same custom beryllium tweeter as the DSP750, which is capable of playing Hi-Res audio over 40kHz. The 100mm mid-range driver delivers clear dialogue, while the 160mm bass driver produces bass frequencies with speed and accuracy. The three drive units unleash the full potential of the Hi-Res amplifiers and the Class-M DSP engine, which provides thermal and dynamic bass protection for detailed and accurate sound.

Three bridged pairs of Class-D amplifiers deliver over 100W to each drive unit and have been integrated into the design of the loudspeaker, eliminating any need for rack mounted amplifiers. These amps have been designed to operate comfortably and run perfectly cool, even at the highest listening levels.

As with all Meridian loudspeakers, the DSP730 features Meridian’s Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) technology to provide accurate bass alignment. EBA allows the bass to arrive at the listener in time with the higher frequencies, delivering perfectly timed playback.

The DSP730 features Meridian Centre Elevation technology and ‘L+R’ soundbar-mode for TV applications. In the soundbar mode, the loudspeaker plays a balanced mix of left and right audio, while the Centre Elevation technology raises the perceived image location from an under-screen loudspeaker to the centre of the screen. The DSP730 can be combined with the Meridian DSW600 in-wall subwoofer to produce a full-range, two-box solution.

For those installs where it’s important to achieve high SPL targets across the entire listening region of large spaces, the DSP730 can be installed in a High Power Array configuration to achieve 122dB at 1m. By stacking the speakers in this way, the manufacturer insists there will be no interference or spectral variation between the loudspeakers, resulting in an even response.

This compact loudspeaker, with a mounting depth of just 100mm, features a fully sealed, aluminium acoustic enclosure with double baffle that has been engineered to be rigid and inert, eliminating unwanted resonances and colorations to provide consistent performance. Heavy bracing and FEA designed acoustic wadding cancels unwanted acoustic behaviour, while a separate mid-range driver enclosure prevents interaction with the bass driver.

Available now, the Meridian DSP730 is priced at £5,000 RRP.

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