With immediate effect, McIntosh has announced that its 2023 TradeUP Program is now active. 

Running from now up until June 30 2023, qualifying customers can receive up to the TOTAL original retail price for ANY home audio electronics (regardless of brand) when they trade-in against the purchase of a new McIntosh product from an authorised UK McIntosh Dealer. NB – the purchase value of the new McIntosh product must be more than double the value of the traded-in product.

Whether wanting that coveted product that has always been dreamed of or wishing to upgrade an existing system, now is the perfect time for customers to act thanks to the TradeUP Program, says the company.  Subject to certain terms & conditions (see below), any home audio product will be considered for the trade-in, giving customers the chance to enjoy the very latest products from the brand at a fraction of the retail price.  This limited-time offer is available only through authorised UK dealers, with customers urged to contact their local dealer to discuss the options.

McIntosh TradeUP Program: Terms & Conditions

  • The McIntosh product that the customer wants to purchase must be at least two times the value of the H-iFi product(s) that the customer wants to trade-in.

Example: If a customer wants to trade-in an integrated amplifier that originally retailed for £2500, to be eligible, the McIntosh Electrical product the customer wishes to purchase must be MRP £5000 or more. The customer will then trade-in the integrated amplifier with the dealer, and up to £2500 will be taken off the price of the McIntosh product being purchased. Assuming the full original retail is given for the trade-in, the customer will then have to pay an additional £2500 to complete the purchase of the £5000 amplifier in this example.

  • The TradeUP Program applies only to the trade-in/purchase of Hi-Fi Electronics such as Stereo power amps, preamps, integrated amps, phonostages, turntables, cd players/dacs, streamers/music servers, tuners, headphone amplifiers and receivers.  Monoblock amps are eligible but only when traded in and sold in pairs.
  • All McIntosh AV/Home Cinema products are not part of the TradeUP Program at this time.
  • The Hi-Fi product(s) that the customer wants to trade-in can be from any brand; however, the customer must provide proof of purchase in the form of an original invoice/receipt.
  • Traded-in product(s) must be in reasonable physical condition, they must actually work, and they must NOT have been modified or altered from their original design.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the Hi-Fi product(s) being trade-in arrives at the dealer safely and undamaged unless alternative delivery/collection arrangements have been agreed upon with the dealer.
  • The product(s) that the customer wants to purchase must be at full original retail price and only from a UK Authorised Dealer.
  • The UK Authorised McIntosh Dealer reserves the right to deem any product(s) that the customer wants to trade-in as NOT eligible for the McIntosh TradeUP Programme.
  • Customers can only trade-in a single product against the new McIntosh product they wish to upgrade to.  If looking to purchase multiple McIntosh products, the same quantity of trade-ins will be accepted.
  • If you have any questions about the McIntosh TradeUP Program, please do not hesitate to speak to a UK Authorised McIntosh Dealer.
  • McIntosh TradeUP Program runs from: 01 May 2023 – 30 June 2023.
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