Lutron Electronics is launching a series of free, interactive online training resources. Over 300 courses and videos on lighting control fundamentals, shades and fixtures are now available through Lutron’s Lighting Control Institute.

The training series aims to help upskill electrical contractors and wholesalers, as well as AV installers, by focusing on specific applications across residential and commercial sites.

With lockdowns in place across the world, electricians and AV installers face an extended period of reduced activity. Lutron says it is investing in these professions, providing a range of tailored opportunities to learn about developments in lighting control technology and the wider industry.

 The Lutron ‘Learn from home’ portfolio of online training includes foundation courses, such as Fundamentals of Lighting and Introduction to Lighting Control, delivered by industry experts from the company who invented modern lighting control. 

The programme also includes multiple live events and on-demand contents spanning all aspects of Lutron’s residential, commercial, hospitality and shading applications, such as:

  • Residential – Today’s smart homeowners demand awireless solution, allowing personalised lighting and blind control for any and all rooms. RA2 Select provides users with more convenience, comfort and reliability, allowing home owners to stay in touch with their home even when they are not there. RA2 Select leverages Lutron’s decades of experience with wireless products, the power of cloud connectivity and the ubiquity of smart mobile devices to deliver a simple, reliable and affordable lighting control system.

Following the completion of the course, attendees will have:

  • A high-level understanding of the UK smart home market
  • Explored the main pain points associated with smart home lighting controls
  • An understanding of the key factors in residential lighting control specification and installation
  • An overview of Lutron’s wireless RA2 Select solution including features, design, setup and control
  • Commercial – For commercial applications, simplicity, scalability, visibility and ease of install/maintenance are vital. Lutron’s Vive is designed to be used in new constructions as well as retrofit situations, meeting the budgetary constraints of all facilities managers and facility management (FM) service providers. Vive provides the flexibility to handle on-site installation and maintenance with ease, limiting disruption and the need for call-backs.

FM service providers and facilities managers will have the tools to create comfort, efficiency and building productivity. At the same time, it is simple and quick to install, program, modify, and grow as your users’ needs evolve. 

Following the completion of the course, trade attendees will have:

  • A high-level understanding of the benefits of using wireless technologies
  • Explored some pain points when dealing with commercial lighting and controls
  • An overview of Lutron’s wireless Vive solution including features, design, setup and control

“With a global lockdown expected to impact contractor work, businesses must reallocate time to invest back into its workforce. We understand this period will be hard on individuals so our resources will be offered for free and can be accessed at any time,” says Christian Beyer, Service Operations Leader Europe and Africa at Lutron. “Through our training services, we hope to help electricians and AV pros prepare for the future and for when normality resumes.”

Nate Hagemeier, Senior Director of Sales Europe and Africa at Lutron adds, “Modern technologies, alongside a focus on comfort and efficiency, have increased demand for fully integrated solutions. All of our solutions aim to put total control in the hands of the end-users – allowing them to manage and personalise their system in any way. Most importantly, we want electricians and AV installers to benefit from our simple, flexible and powerful solutions by making their lives easier, while improving their service. By joining our online training programme, they will learn how wireless smart home and building lighting control can save them time and help them grow their profits.”

 To register for this programme, please visit the Lutron Lighting Control Institute website (, or click here.

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