Logitech is most notably known for one product in the home automation space – the Logitech Harmony. To others it is known as the company who makes PC accessories, speakers and even home security cameras.

Today Logitech has announced the biggest change in the brand’s history; with its new products set to ditch the ‘tech’ in its name and carry the ‘Logi’ branding.

While the Logitech brand is not going anywhere soon – the company says that it hasn’t yet decided whether it will transition to the new name over a two or three year period – the Logi brand is the start of a new beginning at the firm.

Alongside the new name is Logitech’s new brand identity which is all about colour; which is fitting considering the company’s chief design officer used to head up Nokia’s design efforts.

The first Logi-branded products are yet to be announced, but the company says that they’re just around the corner.

So what can we expect from the Logi brand? Well, according to Logitech’s VP of brand development Charlotte Johs, the Boom series of Bluetooth speakers were the first Logi-inspired piece of tech.

While the Boom already belongs to the Ultimate Ears division of Logitech, which will continue under this rebranding, Logi products will be a showcase for the company’s more experimental and futuristic projects.

What this means remains to be seen, but Logi is expected to focus heavily on design – with bright colours and clean lines. The company also says that it will be creating new product categories under its new branding strategy.

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