The Lenbrook Group of Companies, owner of hi-fi brands like NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers and Bluesound and the BluOS hi-res multiroom platform, has created a new business unit, Lenbrook Media Group. 

The new entity has been formed to more effectively enable the commercialisation and development of Lenbrook’s content management solutions, as well as pursue new opportunities that fit Lenbrook’s vision to offer increased choice to music fans and enthusiasts for quality audio. 

With the BluOS content management platform at its core, this group will also oversee the growth of content encoding solutions MQA and SCL6 which Lenbrook acquired in the autumn of 2023.

“The acquisition of MQA’s assets complemented our existing BluOS platform and supports creators in the recording studio with capturing and delivering directly and in the highest quality, their art into the homes of music lovers,” says Gordon Simmonds, President and CEO of The Lenbrook Group of Companies.

“Creating the Lenbrook Media Group allows us to fully capitalise on this unique position by giving it focus, and putting the right strategies, structure, and resources in place.”

Lenbrook Media Group will be led by newly-appointed Vice President and General Manager, Mike Jbara, the former MQA CEO and Warner Music executive.

“We worked closely with Mike when he led MQA and were impressed by his understanding of the complete content chain from creation through playback,” Gordon adds. “His excellent people skills, his deep understanding of the music industry and his knowledge of music technology and licensing-oriented business activities, makes the leadership role at Lenbrook Media Group a perfect fit for both parties.”

Jbara adds: “Once you combine Lenbrook’s vision for advancing choice and innovation in the performance audio industry with the assembly of some of the best minds in audio hardware and software engineering, it results in a substantive opportunity to empower creators, distributors, fans, and broadcasters in addition to hardware manufacturers. It is an exciting list of possibilities that we believe will benefit both the music and the specialty audio industries.”

Jbara and Lenbrook Media Group colleague, Andy Dowell, Head of Licensing, will attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2024, and will be taking appointments to discuss licensing, integration and other opportunities.

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