LED Studio has launched the CURVUS Series, the first flexible fine pitch LED display featuring Common Cathode, Flip-Chip and GOB technology.

This new pixel enhancement sets a new industry standard for quality, efficiency and sustainability when delivering creative display formations, elevating the pre-existing standard of LED displays used in retail settings, museums, immersive and broadcast. 

The GOB manufacturing method ensures durability, robustness and improved heat dissipation, which is ideal for creating eye-catching digital signage. The Common Cathode driver delivers energy efficiency and colour performance and together, these technologies extend the product lifetime and contribute to ESG framework requirements.

Available in pixel pitches ranging from 1.25mm to 4mm for close up and far away viewing, and with flexible modules that support convex and concave curve formations, these malleable displays enable a unique platform for creatives. 

A bespoke, lightweight framework enables increased precision to simplify the installation of concave and convex displays and ensure easy servicing. Featuring simple snap magnet modules, CURVUS has been crafted with efficiency in mind to reduce downtime and avoid time-consuming setups. Whilst simplifying the process, these modules also increase reliability and simplify servicing.

With a 3840 Hz refresh rate, CURVUS can also be used in virtual production and broadcast environments. By curving the walls, the display can be created into a CYC wall, removing the need for traditional green screens to create infinitely large interactive visuals.

“Our CURVUS Series represents a paradigm shift in LED display technology, bringing a new era of flexibility and creativity to LED design and placement,” says Rob Bint, CEO at The LED Studio.

“With its flexible modules that can be presented in convex and concave curve formations, CURVUS allows total freedom to break free from the traditional 16:9 mould and is the ultimate tool for designing visual solutions that truly captivate audiences. The craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality control measures behind our bespoke framework ensures a high quality finish, to seamlessly integrate into its surroundings.”

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