This year there are loads of opportunities to add to your skills whilst at the show.

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IMAX Panel Discussion – Panellists – IMAX, Sony, Sounds United, AWE.

In a major coup for the show, visitors will be able to experience for the very first time in Europe a fully certified IMAX Enhanced cinema courtesy of IMAX and distributor AWE.  

Complimenting this hugely exciting exhibit, will be a panel discussion where visitors can learn about the future of this technology and ask questions from a panel of experts how to take advantage of this initiative as it rolls out around the globe.

Argued to be the future of home cinema, installers simply cannot afford not to experience the cinema and get the opportunity to ask questions directly of its creators.  

Get HDBaseT Certified With Bluestream

Manufacturer Bluestream is hosting a special HDBaseT course which delivers 1.5 RU (Renewal Units) points from industry association AVIXA and a digital certification logo for every company that sits the 1.5 hour course. All attendees also get a cool HDBaseT ‘Installer Expert’ T-shirt.

The course makes sure attendees understand and can fit expertly a HDBaseT system. Attendees will specifically learn about the science behind HDBaseT, the elements of 5-Play integration and recommended installation guidelines.

The Certified training will be held both days of the show and will start at 10am. Places will be limited and approaching 200 technicians have already registered for the course. So to avoid disappointment, register your interest ASAP by getting the show’s official website where you can register for the show and the course at the same time, click the Training tab at the top of the screen for the course.   

Get commercial With Habitech

Distributor Habitech is also presenting a focused training offer at the show, with an introduction to the world of commercial install.

In response to rising consumer demand for more distinctive, high quality experiences, the commercial AV marketplace of shops, clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels is now seeking the exclusive style of high performance AV that residential installers deliver every day. As the opportunities multiply, all the resi installer needs is a greater understanding of commercial AV system design.

With two complementary Commercial AV training courses, scheduled for May 2019, Habitech will be helping CI dealers to compete for and win a bigger share of all the new work available.

As an introduction and created especially for EI Live! Habitech’s Technical Manager, Justin Martin Lawrence, will intro the nature and challenges of the commercial installation workplace and explain how resi skills can be integrated with a knowledge of pro system product and design for the best results.

Justin’s overview of the ‘Introduction to Commercial AV’ course explains the differences between residential and commercial AV systems, their contrasting electrical requirements and configurations. He’ll also introduce the source equipment and the challenges of integrating audio and video in commercial spaces.

Sign up by clicking the course name under the Technical Theatre tab on the official EI Live! website.

The future, achievable today

Iain Gordan, president of KNX UK, will be talking about what makes a system future-proof. Iain says, “As the first generation of smart buildings reach an age where users want to make changes and add new functionality, they are discovering how expensive it can be if you don’t plan for the future from the outset.”  Find out how to future proof your system from Iain.

Roon Labs: Optimising music streaming

Enno Vandermeer, the founder of Roon Labs will be talking about the wonderful world of high-quality music streaming. With products that span the software and hardware part of this equation, Enno is perfectly placed to explain how to get the best from high-performance digital music and multi-room systems now and into the future.

Meridian Audio: Making the most of multi-room music

Hugo Fitzjohn,educations manager at Meridian Audio will be explaining how to make multiroom audio more profitable. The talk asks questions such as ‘why install mediocre multi-room all over the house, when often its only really a few crucial high-quality areas that clients want?’ 

On-demand streaming services now account for more than 50% of our total audio consumption and provide a great opportunity for installers to significantly improve the experience for their customers whilst increasing profitability.

As an industry we should embrace how consumers choose to listen to music and move away from the more rigid, inflexible methods and set ups. Hugo will look at the size and shape of the market space and investigate common service providers and the options to integrate these services into multi-room systems.

Benefit from Hugo’s knowledge and learn how to keep clients happy and make more money.

CAVD: Top audio tips

WayneHyde, Technical Director, CAVD will present a talk entitled; ‘Stay on top of your game – audio tips to master an installation’

This interactive Q&A style session will suit veterans and engineers that are new to the industry. The idea is to address some of the common audio mistakes seen in residential CI from the most basic installations through to high-end projects. Wayne is keen to share tips to help installers avoid mistakes and deliver a better sound.

ECA: Electrical personalities

Aimed specifically at electrical professionals entering the smart building market, Darren Smith, the Electrical, Contracting Associations’ (ECA) Digital Buildings Solutions Adviser, will offer a talk entitled Ushering in the Smart Age explaining how manufacturers, software companies and entrepreneurs are developing and delivering new products and services for smart homes, buildings and cities, and exploring the opportunities that electrical professionals must seize to help ensure they stay relevant to their clients.

Vizualisation: Build the best racks

This session provides the opportunity to pick the brains of Nick Pidgeon, director of Visualization, CEDIA instructor & AVIXA standards creator and rack building and support expert. This is visitor’s chance to pick the brains of the CEDIA instructor & AVIXA standards creator.

After being involved with creating the AVIXA Rack Building standard which was published last year, Nick is heavily involved with the on-going creation of this, so is ideally placed to deliver an insight into best practice making your installers more reliable and easier to maintain.

There will be a Q&A in this session, and Nick will also be offering a further Q&A on the Visualization stand for attendees to extend the conversation and ask any questions that may have arisen from the presentation. Email to make your appointment on the stand or attend the talk int the Technical Theatre.  

EL Live! Technical Theatre Timings

April 30 (Show Day One)

10.00 – 11.30 – HDBaseT Certification Training                          

11.45 – 12.30 – Iain Gordon KNX: Future Proofing

12.45 – 1.30 – IMAX Panel Discussion

1.45 – 2.30 Hugo Fitzjohn: Streaming to the max

2.45 – 3.30 Darren Smith ECA: Electricians and the smart home

3.45 – 4.30 – Wayne Hyde: Top Audio Tips

May 1 (Show Day Two)

10.00 – 11.30 – HDBaseT Certification Training

11.45 – 12.45 Habitech – Introduction to commercial AV

1– 1.45 – IMAX Panel Discussion

2.00 – 2.45 Enno Vandermeer, Roon Labs

3.00 – 3.45 Visualisation: Building better racks

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