L-Acoustics Creations, a division of L-Acoustics, unveiled Island Prestige at ISE – a completely self-contained, personal auditorium giving home integrators the chance to take a high-performance and versatile approach to media room design for luxury residential and architectural installations.

Island Prestige features 13 front speakers, five rear speakers and two subwoofers, precision manufactured and aligned to deliver accurate, detailed audio to listeners relaxing in its central lounge area. Overhead speakers can be added, when required. 

“Island is unprecedented,” says Christian Heil, President and Founder of L-Acoustics, and the creative force behind Island Prestige. “This is not just another loudspeaker. We have designed innovative lifestyle packages that enable specification of a remarkable media environment, inviting listeners inside the music. They can share the hyperreal panorama of an orchestra conductor, a musician on stage with a band, a concert pianist at the keyboard, or the fast-paced action of a film. Reclining in the sumptuous comfort afforded by Island Prestige, users simply close their eyes and they are right there, fully immersed, and as close to an authentic experience as they can possibly be.”   

The system can reproduce the proprietary BluSpace standard, matching human hearing spatial resolution and bringing full, live concert dynamics at all audible frequencies. In total, 20,000W of power creates ample headroom for distortion-free play at high SPL, making Island Prestige suitable for all media playback needs, from conventional stereo to Dolby Atmos cinema, to ultra-realistic Bubbles music and sound art content in Immersive Hyperreal Sound.  

Perfect for open plan living spaces, unusually shaped media rooms, or as an alternative to in-wall speaker installation, Island Prestige is a modular, plug-and-play solution that’s quick and easy to assemble, without the need for any additional room treatment. It can operate as a stand-alone personal auditorium, with its own Bubble Deck controls, or can be integrated with projector, screen, lighting, blinds and other home technologies as part of a whole house control system. 

The Bubble Deck is a sleek device designed to host and display limited numbered edition Bubbles recordings certified in the BluSpace standard. It provides convenient, intuitive control of essential player functions, such as volume, pause and skip. At the push of a button, Island Prestige can also be rotated 360° in either direction to suit multiple use scenarios, from facing a home cinema screen to enjoying sunlight streaming into the room to enhanced privacy for meditation and mindfulness.  

All audio and control components are discreetly housed within the clean, contemporary panelling of the Island Prestige auditorium. Two high-gloss lacquer exterior wood veneer are available to suit user tastes whilst the ergonomically designed seating area includes adjustable lounge elements and back rests to maximise indulgence and well-being. As an additional benefit, the seating can be removed entirely to create additional space, if required. The outer shell of Island Prestige is upholstered with a light layer of padding that doubles as a seating area.

Island Prestige is available immediately. Further details on Island Prestige can be found at l-acoustics-creations.com.

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