Karma-AV has expanded its select brand line-up with System Audio’s versatile range of home speaker systems. 

Hand built in Denmark since 1984, System Audio’s product offering has evolved to include slender floor-standing speakers, subwoofers, compact stand-mount models, elegant on-wall speakers and home theatre satellites, available in white or black satin finishes for a wide variety of stereo and home theatre applications. 

The range also includes the ‘Legend Silverback’ line of active designs for floor, stand and wall installation, featuring driver-dedicated amplification/processing and the latest wireless connectivity via the WiSA-enabled ‘Stereo Hub’, a 24/192 capable control centre for wired and wireless sources. 

Karma-AV will carry the complete System Audio line-up comprising five Silverback models from £2,400 to £7,000 pair, six passive Legend speakers from £1,450 to £5,000 pair, and no fewer than 11 models in the brand’s Saxo range of passive and active designs from £379 pair to £1,450 pair. Silverback amp modules are available to upgrade selected Legend speakers.

System Audio’s passive models are covered by a seven-year warranty, while its active systems and components are covered by a two-year warranty.                                                   

Commenting on the new venture, which becomes operational at the end of May 2020, Karma-AV’s Ian Severs says, “We are very excited by the opportunity to develop System Audio’s huge potential in the UK. Ole Witthøft and his team clearly understand today’s audio consumers because the line-up has everything you’d need to connect and enjoy high performance audio from many sources around the home.”

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