Kaltech Japan launches a new epoch in Air cleaning and Air purification products at EI Live!

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Kaltech has developed the world’s first product line utilising photocatalytic technology and in 2020, Kaltech dominated Japan’s photocatalytic air purifier industry with 40% of the market share.

Kaltech air purifiers include wall-mounted type, floor-standing type, and in-vehicle type ‘DriveAir’. Unlike conventional HEPA filters (physical absorption) used in common air purifiers, Kaltech’s photocatalytic filter absorbs and decomposes minute airborne bacteria and viruses. It is possible viruses and bacteria collected by HEPA filters can survive in the filter and they cannot break down bad odours. Kaltech’s photocatalytic filter instantly decomposes viruses, bacteria, and bad odours creating clean air through the powerful oxidizing power by visible LED light and their proprietary photocatalyst technology.

“Our technology is safe and secure, does not generate toxic substances such as ozone and chlorine, and maintenance-free with no need for filter replacement, so it is easy to use and friendly to the household, It is also quiet at night!”

For more information call UK representatives at 07833 226 399 and be sure and visit Stand 140 at EI Live! 2022.

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