K-array Group says it has committed to a ‘radical transformation of the home and marine audio experience’, which will be evidenced by its debut presence in the Residential Technology Zone within Hall 2 at Integrated Systems Europe 2024.

“We have a 30-year pedigree at the forefront of unique audio solutions for live events,” explains K-array President, Alessandro Tatini. “Now, we bring all of that expertise, knowledge and passion for high quality sound to the professional integrator, interior designer and architect, working in the premium home and superyacht sectors. Designed in Tuscany, our versatile range of indoor and outdoor loudspeaker solutions epitomise luxury and discretion, with our line array technology giving much greater direction, detail and focus to the sound compared to conventional speakers.”

He adds, “We can also offer integrated audio and lighting KSCAPE solutions to enhance comfort, mood and well-being. This is the time for home and superyacht integrators, interior designers and architects to open their minds to a world of exciting, new audio possibilities from k-array.”  

K-array speakers are designed to blend harmoniously with any type of interior. Products can be quickly mounted in-wall or on-wall with further customisation available through compatibility with a wide range of RAL colours and premium finishes. The result is a sleek, attractive speaker which fully complements contemporary and traditional design schemes to preserve the aesthetic integrity of the space.

Capable of delivering powerful and intelligible sound, even in acoustically complex spaces with high ceilings or those featuring an abundance of glass or concrete, K-array speakers are well suited for installation within media rooms, immersive Dolby Atmos home cinemas, gardens, decks and other settings. 

The company’s speakers are built on state-of-the-art Pure Array Technology to ensure complete coverage of the room or space with a consistent and powerful sound field. They are also renowned for their ease of installation, lightweight and robust performance in tough environmental conditions. 

K-array’s multi-room audio systems boast multimedia source management, reliable connectivity, simple set-up and dedicated control software, if required.

Strategic partnerships are a foundation of K-array’s offering to ensure seamless integration with complementary technologies and third-party control platforms used in residential and superyacht applications. 

These partnerships already include Samsung LED walls for K-array alongside compatibility with Crestron, Crestron Home, Control4, Q-SYS and more. 

K-array will be showcasing its audio solution capabilities for residential and marine applications on Stand 2J300 at ISE 2024 which takes place at the Gran Fira, Barcelona, 30 January-2 February 2024. 

Audio solutions are available through an extensive global network of distributors who offer comprehensive training, sales and technical support for installers. 

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