Following Invision’s recent appointment as a distributor for Sony home cinema projectors, Invision and Sony will hold a ‘Show & Tell’ event at Sony’s Basingstoke HQ, on Thursday November 14, giving guests the opportunity to get hands-on with a selection of Sony products.  

The event will feature Invision’s range of Sony projectors together with its selection of Sony professional displays, and there will be a choice of either a morning or afternoon session to attend. 

Each three-hour session will feature an introduction to Sony followed by the ‘Lens to Living Room’ story, an overview of Sony’s home cinema / BRAVIA range and demonstration, and a digital cinema demo.

The products at this Invision and Sony Show & Tell will include a full line-up of home cinema projectors: HW45, HW65, VW270, VW570, VW760, VW870, VW5000, VZ1000 and UBP-X1100, three BRAVIA Displays: 85” and 55” BZ and a 65” OLED, and 4K digital cinema projectors in the Sony cinema screening room.

Mark Taylor, Invision’s commercial director, said: “Show & Tell Sony promises to be an unmissable occasion. This special event represents a unique opportunity for our guests to experience and compare so many of Sony’s industry-defining products in one place.”

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