Invision Partners With Nexus21

Invision has announced a partnership with Nexus21, a specialist in motorised lift systems for projectors and TVs.

The deal is to supply the full Nexus 21 product line, on an exclusive basis, throughout the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Invision says that these markets will now have access to the world’s quietest and most reliable motorised lifts and mounts.

Adrian Summers, Invision’s business manager for video solutions, says, “This is a really exciting addition for to our Video Solutions portfolio. Nexus 21 supply industry-changing motorised solutions and their products complement our extensive line up of TVs and Projectors.

“Whether you need to conceal a TV or a projector, with Nexus 21, there are no boundaries and their products consistently deliver a synchronised performance of technology and motion.”

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona in the USA, Nexus 21 is one of the worldwide leaders in the production of motorised lift systems for use in both residential and commercial applications. Combining thoughtful design with a reputation for reliability, Nexus 21 products are widely used in hotels, yachts, and luxury homes.

Nexus 21 director of international sales, Ryan Kosterow, says, “We’re excited to partner with Invision and to work together to develop the present and future opportunities in the market.

“We have seen an impressive surge in the global demand for our products. This growth has pushed us to develop even more innovative solutions for our customers.”

Ryan adds, “We’re well known for our high-calibre customer service and dealer support in the United States. Invision is the ideal ambassador for our brand, to carry on the same high standards that we manage at Nexus 21 by providing quality support throughout the UK and surrounding markets.”

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