Wisdom Audio is all set to introduce its first high resolution in-ceiling loudspeaker at ISE 2017, taking on Monitor Audio’s newly-launched IV40 invisible speaker range.

The new in-ceiling speaker is the first model to join the company’s Sage loudspeaker series, which is specifically targeted at high-performance entertainment audio applications where architectural design aesthetics can’t be compromised.

The Sage Series ICS7a in-ceiling loudspeaker system utilises a redesigned driver called the Sage P20. This reengineering introduces a marked change in the power shading capabilities of Wisdom Audio’s planar magnetic driver (PMD), delivering a fully passive Sage Series point-source product that’s capable of achieving high output down to 57Hz.

To ensure maximum clarity, Wisdom Audio says that the angled PMD design allows the on-axis energy to be focused straight at the listening area. An optional laser alignment tool (LAT-IC) — sold separately from the system — was created to assist installers in achieving ultra-precise driver orientation; improving focus. The system does not require active crossover or bi-amplification, allowing dealers to offer the Sage Series at a lower price point.

Wisdom Audio says that the key driver behind the development of this solution was flexibility — which is why the ICS7a includes an optional Extended Coverage Waveguide that is designed to enhance its polar pattern and allow for greater placement options.

“With the introduction of our Sage Series line and point-source loudspeakers, our reputation for providing superior audio within home and private theatres is unparalleled,” notes Luc Guillaume, managing director for Wisdom Audio.

“Now we’re expanding the series with the ICS7a, broadening the line-up’s application flexibility and answering the need for a high-performance, architecture-friendly audio solution. It produces stunning audio quality inside an innovative design, making this product a natural fit for high-end media or living rooms.”

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