OLED technology has made it possible for manufacturers to create crazy thin TVs, and they’re changing the way consumers watch TV. LG has already crafted the insanely thin Wallpaper TV, which can simply be hung on the wall using magnets, while Samsung is now hiding its displays inside stylish frames to make them appear as if they’re a work of art. Loewe’s latest Bild X Concept takes thin to a whole new level, however.

The Bild X Concept series was created to demonstrate the flexibility and versatility presented by today’s OLED screens and contrasts with the approaches by most other brands to hide away or disguise a TV screen. At the heart of this study lies the separation of the visual and audio electronics as well as the combination of ultra-modern and ultra-thin OLED technology with luxurious natural materials.

Bodo Sperlein, Loewe’s creative director, highlighted the beauty of the super-slim OLED screen by enclosing it within a crafted steel frame, creating a contrast of textures and materials. This gives it the impression that the screen is floating in the middle of the air – giving viewers an unobstructed view of whatever is on screen.

The bild x concept was showcased at IFA in three different formats, with the frame on each available in an Amber Gold or Matt Black finish. Available with a choice of two designs, featuring a beautiful polished black marble disc or steel ‘cross’ design element within the frame. The screen is suspended onto the frame via magnets, a design which Bodo claims has been inspired by the way sails are attached to a mast.

The separation of the majority of electrical components has made the Bild X Concept Loewe’s thinnest TV yet. As the Bild X Concept is still only a concept at this stage, the final design is still a work in progress. Loewe is currently experimenting with cable management solutions, ways to house the electronic components and a range of speaker options to accompany the screen.

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