Ultimate Screens Now Provides Horizontal Electronic Masking Options

Available in June in the UK through Karma AV, Ultimate Screens has broadened its range of high performance 4K-ready, acoustically transparent screens to embrace motorised masking and thin bezel options in both 16:9 and 2.35:1 formats.

Complementing Ultimate’s Original Fixed Screens, the Ultimate Mask Screens offer vertical or horizontal electronic masking options, offering dual-aspect masking.

Quiet motors with soft start/stop operation and simple installer adjustments obey IR, RS232 contact closure or 12V trigger control to position ultra-black, anti-shadow image borders horizontally or vertically, reconciling 16:9 and 2.35:1 image and screen ratios when the two are mixed.

Vertical (side) masking is available for wide range of screen sizes in 10cm increments from 2.4m to 6.1m screen widths; horizontal (top and bottom) masking for 2.4 and 2.8m screen widths.

Two further additions to the Ultimate Screen range are the Slim and Edge models offering slim bezel widths of 38mm and an ultra-thin 2mm, respectively, for a finer blend with room design – especially effective in dual-role environments such as media rooms. Both Slim and Edge screens are available in screen sizes from 2.0m to 6.1m widths in 10cm increments.

Ultimate Screens Now Provides Horizontal Electronic Masking Options

The new Ultimate Screens range features Ultimate Screens’ magnetic bezel and front fabric mounting system, which transfers screen assembly from the floor to the wall, protecting the screen surface and bezel while introducing enhanced installation practicality, convenience and speed.

Installation steps:

  • Stage 1: assemble the frame then hang on the wall using the mount brackets
  • Stage 2: insert the black fabric backing into the screen frame’s fabric retaining channel using the supplied fabric tool
  • Stage 3: add the 4K Acoustically Transparent screen fabric into the fabric retaining track
  • Stage 4: add the front velvet screen borders

Also available from Ultimate Screens is Ultimate Track, a specialist fabric walling track with an innovative labour-saving design. Ultimate Track uses metric sizing with an 18mm leg height. Unlike many imported systems, which are based on imperial sizes, Ultimate Track allows the use of standard 18mm MDF or plywood to create support structures for sockets, speakers, lights or acoustic panels beneath the stretched fabric.

The 18mm leg height also provides one of the largest fabric insertion channels available, making it easy to tuck away excess material, and its larger base section, 45 degree bevel and thicker extrusion profile allow the use of powered belt-fed screw guns without the need for pre-drilling.

Typical UK retail prices (including VAT):

Fixed Frame Original £1,000 per metre

Ultimate Mask £3,000 per metre plus £1000

Slim £850 per metre

Edge £700 per metre

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