Despite the global challenges that COVID 19 presented, 2020 was an exceptionally productive year for the Trinnov R&D team the company reports.

Trinnov introduced two features that the company says are still unavailable elsewhere:

●       DTS:X Pro was publicly released in February 2020 in its complete configuration – a feat no other manufacturer can yet match even a full year later.

●       Trinnov released its exclusive Dolby Atmos object viewer in September – yet another free of charge addition.

Trinnov points out these major contributions were recognised with multiple awards in 2020 and despite this period of uncertainty, Trinnov added extra resources and placed additional focus on research and development.

“At Trinnov, we value both ongoing innovation and sustainability. We feel these are important values, to our long-term customers and to potential Altitude owners. In 2021, we will continue on this path. Our plan is to introduce multiple features that will enhance and improve the performance of all Altitude processors, regardless of when they were purchased,” says Arnaud Laborie, co-founder and CEO.

Trinnov says that for too long, home cinema enthusiasts who wanted to own the best had to renew their AV processors every few years. When the company released the Altitude platform in 2014, a new market sector was created where the AV Processors become more sustainable, delivering higher long-term value to customers along with high performance.

This was made possible with a very specific design philosophy where the hardware platform is the innovation vehicle, with as few as possible required hardware upgrades. Minor incremental changes are integrated into the platform over time, but these do not impact first users. Lastly, software updates are delivered on a regular basis, as often as possible, bringing maximum value to our customers.

Trinnov Audio

Adding long-term value with software updates

Ravenna / AES67

Audio over IP has already reshaped some branches of the professional audio and video industry, bringing more efficient, convenient and cost-effective ways to transport vast amounts of audio and video signals across large infrastructures. Audio over IP raises technical challenges, especially when it comes to synchronisation with sources and audio endpoints. Trinnov says that as part of significant R&D resources investment in 2020, the company has managed to handle the requisite, multiple clock domains with the highest performance. Consequently, Trinnov has announce that Ravenna/AES67 support will be coming to the Altitude platform in 2021 free of charge for all existing and future Altitude owners.

Trinnov will be releasing a more detailed ‘release note’ in due course, and has started assembling technical documentation to assist our valued customers and dealers to successfully implement audio over IP in projects where it is required.

IMAX Enhanced

Trinnov is in the final stages of certification and will be officially releasing IMAX Enhanced in the coming months. As before with Trinnov codec updates, this update will be provided free of charge, and without requiring a hardware change.

Loudspeaker/Room Optimisation improvements

Without disclosing too much, Trinnov has revealed that the Altitude platform will receive a first round of ongoing improvements which increases the Optimizer’s performance in 2021. Additional innovations are currently being developed and will be released in the near future.

Sustainability also applies to hardware

The company is keen to avoid too many updates to the hardware, however the company has begun preparing a minor, rolling change to its DAC boards that will end up improving the measurements a bit, though any audibility is likely to be subtle. Trinnov we will provide an HDMI 2.1 upgrade path once the technology is sufficiently mature.

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