Trinnov Audio, global player in advanced audio processors for home theater, high-end audio, and commercial cinemas, is unveiling a new approach to achieve WaveForming at HIGH END Munich May 9-12.

The maker says WaveForming revolutionises low-frequency reproduction in home theaters by actively shaping room acoustics rather than just treating them. This approach has been created to optimise subwoofer interactions within any space, delivering consistent, detailed bass across all seating areas. WaveForming has been recognised with industry awards for its effectiveness and innovation.

At HIGH END Munich, Trinnov will demonstrate a commitment to providing realistic guidance on how WaveForming can be achieved with a holistic, design-lead approach at the forefront. Trinnov has partnered with Perlisten Audio to showcase cylindrical WaveForming as part of their THX Certified Dominus surround system. This approach is particularly beneficial in narrower or acoustically challenging rooms, providing a targeted solution without the need for extensive subwoofer arrays and maintains the aesthetic and functional aspects of the room.

“We are thrilled Perlisten chose to collaborate with us on one of the world’s biggest audiophile stages,” says Trinnov CEO Arnaud Laborie. “Our newest WaveForming approach highlights the flexibility and adaptability of Trinnov technologies and will create new opportunities for a wider audience to experience how much better their home theater setups can sound using our unique and unparalleled approach to room optimization.”

Perlisten Chief Sales Officer, Lars Johansen adds, “We partnered with Trinnov because we knew WaveForming would be the best option to showcase the incredible power of our new, THX-Certified Dominus home theater system. This partnership will set a new industry benchmark for performance and redefine the home cinema experience for audiophiles, custom integrators, and their clients.”

Trinnov will also be a part of two other HIGH END Munich demonstrations:

Potar has chosen to use an Altitude32 and an Amplitude16 for a high-end two-channel demonstration. The brand-new flagship active three-way high-end loudspeaker Radipotar, also developed using Trinnov technologies, will be demonstrated in Hall 3, R07.

Monitor Audio has chosen to use an Altitude16 and an Amplitude16 for a 7.2.4 demonstration in Hall 3, M307.

Experience the new WaveForming demo in the Perlisten booth Atrium 3.1, room C112 – appointments on the booth. 

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