TAD’s CE1 inherits the same loudspeaker technology found in the R1 (Reference Series) and its design is closely aligned with the D1000 Disc Player and the DA1000 D/A Converter. 

These speakers have the option of two different side frame colours; black or white, while the aluminium panels are also available in either silver or grey.

The speaker features a CST coaxial driver with Beryllium tweeter and magnesium midrange, described as the heart of the Evolution Series. The design provides a point of source of sound ranging from 250Hz to 100kHz, enabling matched arrival time of midrange and tweeter sounds.

Meanwhile, the CE1 woofer uses a MACS (multi-layered aramid composite shell) – a one-piece woofer cone construction and bidirectional ADS port system.

On either side of the cabinet a bi-directional slit-shaped port is covered by an aluminium side panel. The openings are horn-shaped to achieve a smooth airflow. This design reduces port noise, even at high amplitude, and prevents leakage of internal standing waves.

The bi-directional and symmetrical layout of the port openings further offsets the driving force to the port to guarantee a responsive and natural bass sound.

The enclosure features a framework of birch plywood combined with MDF for a high internal loss, while 10mm thick aluminium panels are attached to the left and right side of the speaker cabinet to further reduce resonances. 

The central section of the cabinet is finished in a wood grain, tropical olive wood veneer with a highly transparent protective layer.

The custom designed TAD-ST2 speaker stand is an extension of the CE1 and is available separately in a combination of black matte and piano coating, although a white version will be available in the future.


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