Sony’s recently-announced 4K LCD TVs are not the flagship models for 2018, nor is the company’s impressive OLED set. That’s because Sony has just announced a range of new TV models dubbed the ‘Master Series’, and they could become the new go-to TVs for custom installers.

In the custom installation industry, image is everything. Sure, audio also takes centre stage, but whether it’s picture quality or the overall design of the installation, image is very important to end-users. After all, why would you pay thousands of pounds for an installation that you couldn’t show off to all your friends? Thankfully, Sony is taking the ‘image is everything’ mantra, and delivering the goods in that department.

“The Master Series provides image quality approaching that of a professional monitor in a production studio,” notes Kazuo Kii, who heads Sony’s TV business. That’s an incredibly impressive feat and it’s all thanks to the company’s new X1 Ultimate processor, a chip the company first showed off in prototype form at CES. Thankfully, the chip is now ready for prime time, with the new sets coming in the autumn.

There are two sets that make up the Master Series, the A9F and Z9F. The former is an OLED model, while the latter is an LCD. It’s likely that the A9F will be the more desirable set, with a better contrast ratio and deeper colours, but those opting for the Z9F will also get optimal picture performance.

Netflix Mode

All Sony Master Series TVs have a special mode for getting the most out of Netflix, thanks to a partnership between the two companies. In fact, the new Netflix Calibrated Mode ensures that the viewer is seeing exactly what was intended.

“Our members can view content as it was meant to be seen, with precise colours, accurate dynamic colours, and true motion so there’s no soap opera effect,” notes Scott Mirer, Netflix’s VP of device partner ecosystem.

The new Netflix Calibrated Mode means those wishing to watch the latest series of Orange is the New Black or House of Cards will be best off watching it on a Sony Master Series TV. That way they know what they’re watching is offering the most accurate, richest colours, while motion will also be smooth.

Acoustic Surface

Sony may be concentrating on the image quality in its new Master Series TVs, but its Acoustic Surface technology is also making the leap. While it’ll only be available on the A9F OLED, it’s an improvement on the technology that is available on the company’s current model. That’s because the A9F features an additional centre actuator and a subwoofer channel, which results in the TV being able to produce 3.1 audio on its own.

The Acoustic Surface technology may not be an audiophile’s dream, but it allows Sony’s OLED TVs to boast an incredibly low profile. The technology has also impressed industry pundits, who expected it to sound worse than it actually does.

Sony has yet to announce exactly how much its new Master Series TVs will cost, but they will launch later this year in the autumn.

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