Sonos has revealed the limited edition Play:1 Tone, a variation of its smaller speaker range that promises to be both exclusive and feel more premium than the company’s other products.

Available in black or white, Sonos plans to sell just 5,000 of each speaker; a target it expected to reach within hours of going on sale on July 21.

However both speakers are still showing as in stock as of writing; unlike the limited edition Play:1 Blue Note, which spent little time on sale due to its popularity.

Those wanting to purchase the Play:1 Tone will have a large bill to swallow however: the limited edition speaker is priced at £222 – £53 more than a standard Play:1.

Unlike the Blue Note however, there aren’t any new features included with the Play:1 Tone; the design also remaining largely unchanged.

So what is the difference? Sonos has made the Play:1 even more upmarket than it already was, adding a soft touch coating designed to make the device feel premium.

The new black and white colours are also emulated throughout the device from the speaker grille to the buttons, which some users may prefer.

Sonos is going after those that desire a minimalist setup from their wireless multi-room speakers with the Play:1 Tone.

Speaking of the design ethos surrounding the Play 1: Tone, Sonos’ VP of design, Tad Toulis, comments: “We want our products to reframe how people think about technology in the home.

“Part of how we do that is by focusing on simple things with innate power. This was our focus on Play: 1 Tone. It’s a meditation on essentials.”

Launching alongside the limited edition speaker, Sonos is also beginning the rollout of the 5.4 update; which promises to upgrade the sound of the Play:1.

Sonos says it has ‘enhanced the clarity and presence of the Play:1 sound. It has also optimised the Play:1’s bass performance when it is paired with a sub.

Other Sonos users will also benefit as the Playbar now has the ability to go completely wireless, enabling users to ditch the Sonos bridge once and for all.

Enhancements have also been made to the Google Music and TuneIn Radio App.

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