Searching for things using your voice has become second nature, but despite launching with a microphone built into the remote, Sky Q has thus far been unable to search for content using a user’s voice. That is until today, with Sky officially rolling out a brand new update to its satellite box, which brings along voice searching.

Sky Q users can now search for a myriad of content using their voice, thanks to the new update. It’s not just catch-up content either, as Sky Q’s universal search feature searches the entire EPG to find upcoming showtimes, as well as if the thing the user is searching for is on TV right now.

Customers at home can ask Sky Q to take them to ‘Zootropolis’, ‘Billions’ or the ‘Liverpool game’, just to name a few.

Movie buffs wanting to be a little more adventurous can even search using some of the most iconic quotes, including “Say hello to my little friend” and “I’ll have what she’s having.” And to discover something new, search a genre with a specific time, age or star rating, such as ‘comedy movies,’ ‘live cricket on this weekend’ and ‘Tom Hanks’ movies rated five stars’. Or find a movie and filter by award-winning actors and directors, including ‘films with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone’ or ‘movies directed by Michael Bay.’ 

Alongside voice search, a collection of features will also roll out to Sky Q including:

  • My Q: The My Q section becomes the new Sky Q homepage. With customers wanting even more personalisation and advice on the best new shows, it will feature recommendations based on household viewing and top new series from all channels across Sky Q. And the Continue Watching section will allow customers to pick up where they left off from an episode in a series such as Game of Thrones and Fortitude. Plus navigation is simpler, with Recordings and TV Guide only a swipe away from the new My Q homepage
  • Facebook videos: Now watch Facebook videos with the current My Photos application, and bring friends and family together to share Facebook memories on the big screen at home. Customers can use the My Photos App on Sky Q to sign into their Facebook profile and see their latest photos and videos

Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky’s brand director of TV and content products, comments: May the force be with you” with your new voice search. Just ask Sky Q to “show me the money” by pressing the side of the touch remote, making it even easier and faster to find, discover and watch the TV you love.”

Voice search is just the beginning for Sky Q. The satellite broadcaster has already committed to rolling out more vocal-friendly features, including voice control, later this year. Sky is also planning to bring its ‘restart’ feature to sporting events, another feature users have been begging for.

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