Samsung is launching a new QLED TV model in the United States, and it’s the largest yet – measuring a whopping 88in. While it’s not quite as big as the electronics manufacturer’s giant cinema screens, the TV should offer an immersive alternative over a traditional home cinema installation.

Dubbed the Samsung Q9, this TV boasts a 4K resolution and HDR 10. Unfortunately, it lacks the Dolby Vision support that is present on LG’s flagship TVs, although users shouldn’t worry too much, as this set still boasts immersive colours. That’s largely down to the fact that it supports 100% colour volume, with Samsung’s QLED models the first to do so.

Given the ginormous size, users should expect to pay a pretty penny to acquire this TV. Hopefully that should mean installers can make a significant margin – as this TV is definitely aimed at the high-end. The recommended retail price in the US is $20,000, with the smaller 75in model priced at a significantly lower point, coming in at $9,000.

As this is Samsung’s flagship TV, the Q9 packs in a significant number of different technologies. That includes Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, Samsung’s Smart Hub and Smart Remote. The TV also boasts a 240Hz refresh rate and four HDMI inputs.

Installers working with the Q9 will appreciate the no-gap wall mount that is on offer. This means the TV will look like it’s floating on the wall, an aesthetic choice that high-end customers will prefer. It also ships with an invisible cable, making it an ideal installation set.

Samsung’s TV will have competition in the marketplace, however. While the Q9 is bigger than LG’s flagship, the 77in W7, the QLED technology has been criticised as being inferior to the OLED technology utilised on the LG TVs. The W7 and Q9 are also priced identically, meaning consumers are being asked to pay more for Samsung’s TV out of sheer size, rather than screen quality.

Find out more about the difference between Samsung’s QLED technology and LG’s OLED.

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