Samsung Pay, the South Korean technology giant’s version of Apple Pay, has not yet officially launched on the platform it was intended for (smartphones), but that has not stopped it from arriving on Samsung’s Smart TVs.

Apple’s payment system launched in the UK last month, with Samsung Pay acting largely in the same way – it’s a way for Samsung to control payment processing.

Unlike on mobile phones however, Samsung Pay on a TV functions completely differently.

On a smartphone Samsung Pay works by tapping your device against a contactless terminal, or placing it near a traditional magnetic card reader.

On a TV it’s completely different.

Samsung has partnered with PayPal to create a pay-by-PIN process that will enable users of its TV sets to buy stuff from their sofas without inputting any card or account details.

Customers will get access to Apps, games and video content all from the comfort of their own home – and installers will now be able to show off Samsung Pay as a simple way for their clients to pay for these items.

Installers can assist customers by setting up their Samsung Pay account, or by transferring a user’s existing information from their Samsung account if they own a Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

While Samsung does promise a whole host of things to purchase using Samsung Pay, right now there are just seven game titles available.

The goal of Samsung Pay is to make payments as secure as possible – so if you’re working on an installation with security and privacy conscious clients, you may want to show them how to get started.

Samsung Pay will roll out to ‘select’ 2014 and 2015 Smart TVs in 32 countries.

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