Redline has begun shipping the Artison Nano-1, its first freestanding subwoofer, which the company claims is the industry’s smallest.

The Nano-1 subwoofer measures 190mm wide, 203mm high and 228mm deep, including feet and grilles.

Despite the compact size, it is still capable of outputting a 300W sound and has a piston area of an oversized 8in woofer.

Artison has also ensured that many of the modern features users would expect from a subwoofer are included, even though it has been designed to be compact.

That means there’s a built-in wireless receiver, high level in, low level in, remote control and movie and music DSP settings.

Along with those features, the Nano-1 also incorporates Artison’s standard technology, which includes a reactance cancelling driver design.

Those with experience with Artison speakers should know that this technology has been designed to produce no cabinet vibration, opening up a wider range of placement options typically not available to subwoofers.

The Nano-1 is also built to last with its 6061 T6 aluminium enclosure, which the company says is both ‘phenomenally’ rigid and contributes to the speaker’s ‘razor sharp’ bass performance.

While this speaker claims to be the industry’s smallest high performance subwoofer, Artison is not stopping there with industry firsts.

The company says that this is the industry’s first subwoofers using adsorbing damping materials in tandem with a unique DSP bass-enhancing algorithm.

What this has been designed to do is to allow the Nano-1 to pack a punch users may not expect from something so compact.

Artison’s Nano-1 is priced at £795 and is shipping now. Users wanting the compatible wireless transmitter can pick that up for £125.

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