PMC has revealed two new centre channel speakers designed to bring the company’s signature sound to lovers of high-end home cinema and multi-channel immersive audio experiences.

The fact.5c and fact.10c centre channel speakers complement the two-way fact.3 or fact.8 models and the three-way fact.12 respectively.

Voiced identically to PMC’s professional monitor speakers, used by film and music makers worldwide, the company has introduced the fact.5c and fact.10c to enable serious movie and multi-channel enthusiasts to experience their favourite soundtracks exactly as the producer intended. 

Both models feature newly designed ATLs (Advanced Transmission Line), which has been tuned to improve vocal clarity and projection. The company also says that through its use of damping materials and extensive cabinet bracing within the ATL it has eradicated unwanted colouration, resulting in an untainted vocal reproduction. 

To maintain the same sonic identity to the parent models, fact series drive units are utilised in the centre channels.

In order to create a more compact form factor, the fact tweeter, which has the identical soft dome as its larger sibling, has been re-engineered to take advantage of smaller, higher power, neodymium magnet technology and is fitted with a smaller faceplate. The drive units are seamlessly integrated with a 24dB per octave crossover network.

In keeping with the fact series, precision user control of frequency response is available to resolve the complex issue of how to combine the differing sound signatures of room acoustics, cables and source equipment.

Audiophile-grade switching enables the user to subtly tailor the bass and treble response to create the desired sound balance. Uniquely the fact.10c includes a bass boost facility, which is ideal if partnered with PMC’s larger three way designs or when greater bass energy is required.

Installers opting for PMC speakers will be able to choose from a variety of hand-selected veneers, which are from sustainable sources.

Commenting on the new models, Peter Thomas, owner and chief designer says: “Since their introduction the fact series has created a new benchmark in terms of resolution, transparency and musicality.

“And with the increasing number of supreme quality and higher resolution multichannel recordings that are available, we believe that we should bring these benefits to our fact customers with finesse and realism. With the addition of the fact.5c and fact.10c centre channels they can now certainly do that.

“We are extremely proud of the results achieved and know they will change the standards for home cinema sound in the same way the fact hi-fi speakers did for stereo reproduction.”

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