Pegasus has officially launched its fully operational Pegasus system, which has been upgraded substantially since its prototype version in 2013 – view the full promotional video at the bottom of this article.

Ready for production now, the Pegasus System is suited for both the domestic home entertainment market and the commercial market, allowing a user to position flat screen displays up to an 80in LED screen size within a domestic or commercial environment – complete with remote automated operation.

Pegasus provides mobile multi-media communication connectivity for flat screen displays utilising high definition transmission over cable-less powerline and powered track technology.

What Pegasus does is to provide simultaneous automated mobility of displays, constant power supply and high definition transmission to displays in any room location where a Pegasus runway has been installed.

“Today I am launching the Pegasus AV System solution; the only system of its kind available globally – patent pending,” says Pegasus AV Solutions Ltd founder and CEO Paul Bromley.

“It meets all of the requirements of a dynamic room LED screen positioning solution,” he explains. “The Essential Install Live! Show acted as a catalyst in helping develop my product and launch my company stemming back to the feedback we received at the Essential Install Live! Northern show in October 2013 – demonstrating how EI has a role in helping small start up businesses.

“I invented the unique Pegasus System to fill a gap in the AV solutions market that I identified through personal need and global market research,” Paul furthers. “The need was discovered when I built a large home entertainment room and I could not find an AV solution suitable to meet my multi-purpose installation viewing needs.

“I realised I needed an AV system solution that provided dynamic screen positioning for multiple viewing locations and not just one that was solely capable of viewing in a single fixed screen position. The system had to provide flexible screen mobility so that I could move the LED screen to any position within my room.”

Multiple displays can be fitted on a Pegasus runway; each display can move independently whilst carrying uninterrupted high definition transmission to any display over sophisticated powered runway technology.

Specifically, Pegasus allows a user to position a display anywhere in the x,y,z planes throughout any size of room, or anywhere horizontally or vertically across a multi-media communications room wall.

Pegasus mobilises normally fixed displays, allowing total flexibility of movement in five flight planes: up, down, forwards, backwards and sideways.

Not stopping there, it allows displays to be tilted to 45 degrees and rotated through 360 degrees – enabling users to create the desired viewing angle.

Pegasus incorporates both RS232 and IP control so it can be easily integrated into home or office automation systems.

The integrated high definition over Powerline technology allows transmission of 1080p high definition signals and supports switching between three high definition sources.

A further key feature is the fact that Pegasus also incorporates IR Pass-thru to control connected source equipment.

“I realised I needed an AV system solution that provided dynamic screen positioning for multiple viewing locations and not just one that was solely capable of viewing in a single fixed screen position” – Paul Bromley

In addition, the integrated Ethernet over Powerline provides for SmartTV, digital signage or other network based display options.

Meanwhile, Pegasus has created a number of cost effective Flight Packs to meet different user requirements that can be easily expanded to meet varying user installation needs by adding the manufacturer’s modular components including extra Runway track, Vehicles, Turnarounds and poles.

Pegasus also provides a number of finishing products to ensure that the installation meets the aesthetic requirements of the room, including end pieces, mouldings, a choice of colours and a flush mount finish.

“Pegasus, although originally created for residential applications has many, many more business opportunities and I invite you to explore my website at to discover more details about what those are,” Paul concludes.


Pegasus Mounts from Panda Media on Vimeo.

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