High-end houses are something you come across every day working in the custom install industry – clients with large houses and lots of money always want the very best tech solution to make their lives easier, but it’s not just about keeping the clients happy, projects can increase value as well.

The home of oil magnate Sam Malin and 2014 X Factor star Irene Major is no different, with the couple having installed a hot tub, home cinema, dancing pole and even a hair salon in the house that was previously used as an office by Persimmon Homes.

While the house in North Stifford, Essex, was initially bought for £565,000, it has now been put back on the market for offers between £950,000 and £1.1m.

The reason for the dramatic increase in price is down to all the improvements made by the couple; initially there was no basement, but now there’s one that’s used to house the hot tub, home cinema, dancing pole and hair salon.

The ceiling of the basement is held together by 105 steel beams, which wasn’t an easy feat to install.

“It was one hell of a job,” says Sam, 51. “For two weeks from 8am to 6pm there was a pile driver over the house burying the steel beams into the ground. We went on holiday to escape the noise. I think the neighbours have only just forgiven us.”

The house has featured on Channel 4’s Million Pound Properties documentary, but the couple vacated the home for greener pastures in Kent.

So what gives the property its enormous value? Well, it’s mostly down to the amount of work done.

The couple completely gutted the inside of the home, stripping back to the plasterwork and redoing all the electrics and plumbing.

Plantation shutters and ornate plasterwork, much of which is painted in gold leaf, were installed, as was a new conservatory and Clive Christian kitchen.

The master bedroom comes equipped with an en-suite and dressing room, as well as a remote controlled metal staircase that leads to a room where Irene stores her handbags and shoes.

The property has since been sold.

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