Available for download from www.nilesaudio.com/aurielsupport, version 1.3 gives access to many new features when paired with Sonos, including Spotify and Deezer but also includes setup features for the now in stock nKP-7 hard button keypad.

“This update is great news for the Auriel system,” states David Meyerowitz, product specialist from Invision UK. “Ever since the launch of the Auriel system we have been awaiting this update with anticipation. The full incorporation with Sonos is a key feature for this product and we are really happy to be able to offer this level of integration.“

The Auriel leverages the ELAN g! interface to deliver control consistently across all interfaces.

The digital amplifier delivers 30W of power to each zone.

System configuration reportedly takes minutes via a tablet, Windows or Mac computer, whilst each zone features its own bass, treble and volume setting that can be adjusted from the Auriel interface.

The MRC-6430 can then be managed from a variety of mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, plus Windows or Mac-based computers.

Through the Auriel wizard and a tablet or PC, the installer is taken through simple decisions that configure the system for sources, zone preferences, user interface customisation and home theatre control.

For larger homes, two MRC-6430s can be paired to create a six-source, 12-zone system. Additionally, all zones are equipped with fixed or variable pre-outs for all zones, making it easy to add power and volume with Niles System Integration Amplifiers.


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