Meridian Systems has revealed its latest compact custom install loudspeaker, complete with in-wall and in-ceiling design.

The DSP320 has been designed for use within ceilings, although the company says that due to the slimness of the device, which is just 100mm thick, it can also be used for an in-wall setup.

Like the British speaker maker’s current DSP520, the DSP320 has been introduced to deliver wide dispersion for maximum listening area, with a careful baffle and grille design promising minimal unwanted diffraction.

Meridian has provided thermal and dynamic bass protection with accurate transients through the on-board DSP; this is said to allow the loudspeaker to be played at high levels with clean, detailed and accurate sound.

Installers who have experienced Meridian speakers in the past may find it comforting to know that Enhanced Bass Alignment has also been included on the DSP320.

Pricing for the Meridian DSP320 has been set at £1,500, with the back-box and frame system costing an extra £150 each. Installers can purchase the DSP320 now.

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