Bang and Olufsen produces TV, radio, films and music solutions for every room – all combined in a total design. However, it may be a challenge to get everything fine tuned on the screen or in the loudspeaker without resorting to using a lot of wires. And what about the satellite receiver? Atlona says it has a solution.

“It’s no good setting up great TV if the design is ruined by ugly boxes, cables and a lot of remote controls,’ says Jacob Budde, owner and system integration specialist B&O dealer Vedbaek, Denmark.

“Therefore our integration with Atlona is crucial for us as a B&O dealer. Atlona’s products build bridges between our customers’ current units and B&O products. Many customers have DVD players and set top boxes – now all of this can be hidden away and combined using Atlona products.”

Jacob says it is possible to distribute all of the signals among all of the screens in the home. “In your living room, for example, you can watch a film from an Apple TV, while someone watches the same film or something entirely different in the kitchen.

“We have put a small box that can easily be hidden in the back of a B&O TV; we connect the box to the screen with HDMI, and a cable to the infrared signal to the B&O remote control. All of this is sent to a basement or to a car park or a utility room via a completely normal Cat-7 cable. The Atlona matrix signal is received, which is connected to the different boxes.”

Atlona switches can be scaled to a few, to many screens. From all of the rooms, all of the units can be easily used using B&O’s remote control.

Last year Atlona announced a global partnership with Bang & Olufsen under which Atlona products will be preconfigured for ‘plug-n-play’ compatibility with Bang & Olufsen systems and Bang & Olufsen integrators will be encouraged to use Atlona products.

Bang & Olufsen dealers can purchase Atlona products directly from Bang & Olufsen’s dealer website. Additionally, the partnership includes the development of specific manuals and training resources for using Atlona products with Bang & Olufsen components.

“Atlona’s equipment is preconfigured to work with Bang & Olufsen products,” says Michael Khain, VP of Engineering for Atlona. “This simplifies installation, saves significant time when installing and setting up systems, and helps provide a seamless experience for the end customer.”


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