Loewe’s new Connect 32 TV is designed to ensure there’s no need to compromise on quality when buying a TV of a more compact screen size.

Designed to be placed in rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens, the Connect 32’s slim black chassis is complemented by a loudspeaker bar, for which the user can choose from Black, Silver, Cappuccino or Petrol-Blue finishes.

Loewe stresses that no external soundbar is needed for the new TV, boasting an 80W on-board system that drives the horizontal speaker.

The manufacturer states that none of the available OEM panels were good enough to deliver the performance the company demands, leading it to build its own: the Connect 32’s panel is a completely bespoke proprietary Loewe Full-HD screen, manufactured at Loewe’s factory in Germany.

The LEDs are designed and arrayed to deliver even lighting, while efficient filters improve energy consumption.

Not stopping there, hue shift when watching from a wide viewing angle has been kept at a minimum, enabling viewers to watch from a wide range of angles without impairing performance.

The Connect 32 is also available as a Connect 32 DR+ version, which comes with Loewe’s DR+ video recording system, featuring full recording functionality, 1TB of storage and the ability to share content with other Loewe TVs in the home.

This version also boasts an integrated 5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS audio decoder.

The DR+ system allows simultaneous recording of a programme while watching another, mobile recording, in addition to smart content sharing, courtesy of Loewe’s ‘Smart tv2move’ feature.

Connect 32 comes with an adjustable table-stand, with optional wall-mount or floor-stand solutions also available.

The Loewe Connect 32 is available now with an RRP of £999, while the Connect 32 DR+ has an RRP of £1,299.

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