Engineered to offer the ultimate home entertainment experience, two new supersized 4K UHD TVs have joined Loewe’s new flagship Reference line, which launched this summer with the Reference 55.

Joining the series are the Reference 75 and Reference 85, sporting 75in and 85in screens, respectively.

The Loewe Reference 85 is available now at £15,000 for the aluminium black or aluminium silver frame options, while high-gloss white and dark gold versions command a £1,000 and £2,000 premium, respectively.

The Reference 75 will be available later this October, costing £9,000 for aluminium black or aluminium silver, while high-gloss white and dark gold again command a £1,000 and £2,000 premium, respectively.

The series’ sleek, contemporary design has been created with luxury in mind, and despite the large size options, offer a range of set-up solutions; from a wall-mount or tabletop stand to a motorised rotating floor stand, as well as various exclusive rack systems with sufficient storage to accommodate a subwoofer, Blu-ray player or media player.

The end result is a TV that also serves as a fully integrated AV media ‘hub’, offering a 4K Ultra HD picture combined with Loewe’s Image+ processing as well as a built-in soundbar with eight internal speakers, driven by 120W of amplification with multiple forward-firing speakers. The integrated soundbar can also act as the centre speaker in a 5.1 set up.

Developed in partnership with SOEN, the integrated stereo sound system’s audio signal is precisely maintained in the digital domain until the last possible point before feeding the speakers, aiming to ensure optimum signal purity.

In combination with Loewe’s software, the front and rear arrangement of the drivers in the built-in soundbar delivers 3D surround sound, even without additional speakers.

The Reference TVs offer a built-in 1TB hard drive for recording and sharing content, as well as Dolby/DTS surround sound processing integrated into the set.

They also boast an array of connectivity options, including wireless networking, Bluetooth and RS232 – with a growing selection of drivers and a range of interfaces to suit different installations.

Up-to-the-minute interfaces including HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 and HEVC make the most of ultra-high resolution content from external sources, while Loewe’s scaling technology reportedly provides a ‘significantly enhanced viewing experience’ with SD and HD content. An anti-reflective, high-contrast glass filter panel and active-shutter 3D technology is also included.

In addition to operating as a built-in PVR, Loewe’s DR+ hard drive also acts as a video server that can be accessed by other Loewe sets in a home network (this function is called ‘DR+ Streaming’).

Viewers can also pause a programme and pick up where they left off on another DR+-equipped TV in a different room.

Programmes can be recorded directly into a customisable folder system, making content easy to access and manage – content can be exported to an external USB drive for archive purposes.

Thanks to the new Reference TV’s triple- tuner, dual-channel configuration, viewers can watch one channel while following a second in picture-in-picture mode and recording a third on the hard drive. A further key feature is Loewe Mobile Recording, allowing users to schedule recordings when they’re out via the Loewe Smart Assist App for Android and iOS smartphones.

Loewe’s ‘Smart tv2move’ App turns the user’s tablet into a second television at the touch of a button, allowing them to watch the programme that’s showing on the TV or utilise the TV’s second tuner to watch a different channel.

The Reference TVs’ credentials as a fully integrated entertainment media ‘hub’ are further enhanced by the inclusion of Bluetooth audio connectivity, facilitating streaming music from a smartphone or tablet which can be listened to via the integrated soundbar or an external sound system connected to the TV.

The entire system can be operated using a single remote control. Loewe’s new ‘Assist Media 2015’ operating system features logical graphical elements and useful features such as the usage history option.

The customisable home screen allows quick access to the content the user accesses most often, whether that be a TV channel, archived movie, radio station, music or an external device such as Blu-ray player.

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