Owners of LG’s latest TVs can enjoy many features that 2014 TV owners cannot, thanks to the WebOS 2.0 update. That is all set to change however, with WebOS 1.0 set to be upgraded with new features.

While LG has stopped short of offering a full upgrade to WebOS 2.0, customers with older Smart TVs will receive a free ‘Value Pack Upgrade’ which will include four main features of the latest update.

Upon upgrading, users will notice ‘My Channels’, ‘Quick Setting’, ‘Input Picker’ and ‘Live Menu’ on their homescreens.

LG believes that by bringing these new feature Smart TV owners will experience an improved experience and find their TVs easier to use.

A new layout will also come to LG WebOS 1.0, along with quicker boot times and faster response times.

The upgraded software should be ‘more than 1.5x faster’, according to LG’s claim, a small gain compared to 2015 TVs which are said to be 3x faster.

“LG is dedicated to providing the best user experience for the life of our smart TVs,” says Lee In-kyu, senior vice president and head of the TV and Monitor Division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

“A free upgrade of this scale is unprecedented in the smart TV industry and we’re proud to be setting a new standard for smart TV ownership.”

Many Smart TVs are stuck with old software, despite having the capabilities to receive updates through an Internet connection.

WebOS 1.0 TVs built in 2014 will begin receiving the upgrade on September 21.

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