Leon Speakers UK’s custom-crafted living space theatre collections have been created to bring together power, performance and flexibility in the form of 5.1 and 7.2 home cinema bundles

Leon says its new high-fidelity systems can be customised easily and configured by integrators and designers according to the exact specifications of any room as each system consists of custom-built front-channel loudspeakers selected from Leon’s Horizon collection, complemented by Leon’s AXIS Series of premium in-ceiling speakers or reference-grade in-wall surround sound speakers and the powerful, compact Aaros 10in (A10-UT) subwoofer and 1,000W L3-1K amplifier.

The front soundstage of each Leon 5.1 or 7.2 system includes an LCR solutions from their Horizon or Profile Series.

Each of these speakers is hand crafted to match the exact dimensions and finish of any TV.

From the 38mm deep, the Horizon Ultra-Thin HzUT (designed to match the latest slim line TVs), to the Horizon Hz44 and Profile Pr44 Series (featuring 4-inch Peerless HDS woofers), Leon says it delivers an unparalleled AV experience.

For bigger rooms and larger TVs, Leon Speakers UK will be offering the Horizon Hz55LX 7.2 system, featuring a front soundstage powered by 5in woofers and 1in cloth-dome audiophile tweeters for maximum power handling and sound pressure levels.

At the top of Leon’s offering, will be the Horizon Ultima 7.2 system.

Reserved for the most discriminating audiophiles and music enthusiasts, the front-channel LCR solution uses hand-made 5in Eton Hexacone woofers and Morel ET-338 tweeters to produce a performance described as utterly transparent with an incredibly flat frequency response.

Each of Leon’s Living Space Theatre systems are complemented by surround sound speakers that are custom finished to match any paint colour or solid hardwood.

While most systems are paired with Leon’s premium, closed-back, in-ceiling speakers from the AXIS Series (AX-61 and AX-81), the Horizon Ultima reference-grade system is matched with the vUltima-i fully sealed in-wall speakers, all of which are timbre matched to the front soundstage.

The maker says each system is rounded off with superb bass and ease of use by Leon’s groundbreaking Aaros A10-UT ultra-thin subwoofer.

The A10-UT is billed as packing theatre-grade performance along with musical finesse in a sleek, compact enclosure that measures under 115mm deep.

Easily convertible to a down-firing position, the subwoofer can fit into cabinetry or be hidden away elsewhere in the room.

Featuring a durable 10in aluminium cone driver, the subwoofer boasts high power handling at 400W, while resisting distortion.

In each system, the A10-UT is paired with Leon’s L3-1K 1,000W class A/B subwoofer amplifier to naturally reproduce the tight musical low tones necessary for critical two-channel listening and handle home theatre low-frequency effects.

These certified theatre systems are built to order in Ann Arbor, Michigan and supplied into the UK through a partnership with Future Automation, contact the Leon for distribution arrangements for the rest of Europe.

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