KEF has announced the launch of the ‘EGG Wireless Digital Music System’, with the company hoping to offer the ‘21st century music consumer with the perfect blend of functionality, quality and design for the home’.

Users will have several connectivity options to choose from, including Bluetooth aptX functionality and high-resolution music compatibility via USB.

Those looking for superior sound quality are being promised that the EGG Wireless Digital Music System is the ‘most sophisticated and acoustically accomplished version yet of KEF’s egg compact speaker’.

Having shipped an ‘EGG’ speaker for a number of years, the Kent-based company has gone back to the drawing board and completely reinvented the design to produce what it claims is a package that ‘satisfies all the needs of music lovers’.

As with many KEF speakers, the Egg Wireless Digital Music System will ship with the company’s Uni-Q driver array, which is featured in its latest form.

KEF has also ensured that the tweeter is internally vented to prevent potentially distorting high pressures from building up behind the dome in the critical vocal region, while also optimising the dome geometry to avoid disrupting the waveform.

Users looking for a simple to use system may want to consider the ‘plug-and-play’ package being offering by KEF, with built-in amplification and DAC.

The system is also compatible with high resolution music, with a built-in digital 96kHz/24-bit USB input.

Music can be streamed wirelessly from a computer or handheld device, or users can opt to connect the speaker optically to their TVs with an option of adding a KEF subwoofer.

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