New Kaleidescape 1U+ Movie Server Available Now, Stores Up To 800 Blu-ray Movies

Available now from Pulse Cinemas in the UK, the new Kaleidescape 1U+ Movie Server is designed to provide reliable storage for movies and music, even in the event of a hard drive failure.

The new movie server for Premiere systems is available with either 18TB (£10,250+VAT RRP), which stores up to 485 Blu-ray movies or 2,700 DVD movies, or 30TB (£14,750+VAT RRP) of storage capacity, which can store up to 800 Blu-ray movies or 4,500 DVD quality movies.

The 1U+ Movie Server is a follow-on from the Kaleidescape 1U Server, which is the workhorse for most Kaleidescape systems worldwide. What sets the 1U+ Movie Server apart, however, is that it provides higher performance and better reliability, due to a substantial redesign.

The new model retains the 1U Server’s industrial engineering (appearance, electrical connectors and user interface), allowing the 1U+ Movie Server to fit seamlessly into an existing system when adding or replacing a server, however its new power supply promises to significantly increase MTBF over that of the 1U Server.

The manufacturer states that multiple servers will cluster to store thousands of movies and albums as a single, seamless collection, while Kaleidescape’s proprietary kOS operating system enables the 1U+ Movie Server to provide computing and caching services, in addition to storing and serving movies. This improves the performance of movie players while browsing and searching, especially for a large collection of movies.

Kaleidescape 1U+ Movie Server

kOS enables the 1U+ Movie Server to meet the content protection requirements of the motion picture studios, and it provides Kaleidescape’s proprietary RAID-K data protection that enables the server to continue operating after a hard drive has failed, without losing any data. If a hard drive fails, the Kaleidescape System will continue to operate, and no content is lost. The failed drive can be replaced without turning off the server or disrupting playback.

Premiere systems are found in many of the world’s finest homes, yachts and private aircraft, delivering cinematic experiences from a large collection of Blu-ray, DVD, and CD discs, although Premiere systems can also download movies from the Kaleidescape Movie Store.

For playback of content imported from a Blu-ray disc, the physical disc must be present in either an M500 Player or in a Kaleidescape Disc Vault.

The 1U+ serves Blu-ray movies to up to 15 zones simultaneously, DVD movies or music to up to 50 zones simultaneously, and up to four movies can be imported simultaneously.

The unit measures 44.5cm × 4.3cm × 47.8cm), rack ears are included for mounting in a 19in rack, 1U space, and the product comes with a three year (extendable) warranty.

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