Yet another online media streaming service is set to launch, but this time it’s replacing an existing one – ITV Player.

The new service, dubbed ITV Hub, will launch later this autumn and will kickstart a new online-focused ITV.

Up until now ITV Player has been criticised for its lack of availability on several platforms, such as the Amazon Fire TV and other Smart TV setups, as well as its appalling media player.

Users regularly compared ITV Player to BBC iPlayer, noting that the BBC’s technology made for a better viewing experience and often had faster streams when compared to ITV.

ITV is hoping to rejuvenate its online presence however, ditching ITV Player and in favour of ITV Hub, which will house all of ITV’s channels in one place.

Unlike ITV Player, ITV Hub will be made available to Amazon’s Fire TV customers, as well as several other platforms, including the recently announced Freeview Play.

To mark the launch ITV will release new episodes of Family Guy for streaming, becoming the first public broadcaster to make the episodes available on demand.

ITV Hub won’t just be about on demand content however, as the service will also facilitate the live streaming of shows from ITV 1, ITV 2, ITV 3, ITV 4, CITV and ITV Be.

Users will be able to stream the service from any device, whether it be a tablet, smartphone, Smart TV or set-top box.

ITV says that it is looking forward to fully unveiling it later this autumn.

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